How to Remove Bad Links from

Help with How to Remove Links From – Profile Defenders It is easy to sometimes forget that Google isn’t the only heavily utilized search engine. In addition to the billions of queries made from Bing and Yahoo there is a search engine called Baidu that services a large part...

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Removing Results from Google

Removing Links – Profile Defenders Profile Defenders was founded on the belief that companies, both small and large, have the right to protect their online reputation against slander and malicious attacks. We live in a new world, where anyone with an Internet connection can anonymously post their opinions on...

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Help Removing a Website Link or URL from Google

Need Help Removing or Getting Rid of a Website Link From Google when you type in your name or your businesses name?  A poor online reputation can lead to the destruction of your personal life and business. It might seem hard to believe, but there are plenty of people who...

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