Removing Results from Google

Removing Links – Profile Defenders Profile Defenders was founded on the belief that companies, both small and large, have the right to protect their online reputation against slander and malicious attacks. We live in a new world, where anyone with an Internet connection can anonymously post their opinions on the Web. Some of these opinions provide consumers with a great deal of accurate information, helping them to make informed decisions.

Unfortunately, others are based on lies and fabrications, and are intended as a direct attack against a company’s good name. Often times these attacks come from unreasonable customers, spiteful ex- employees and rival companies looking for any way to get a leg up on the competition. Slander of this nature can result in a great financial loss for your company.

You owe it to yourself and your business to fight against this type of injustice, and we can help. Recently, a plethora of websites like and have popped up on the Internet. Among these is, a popular website that, like Yelp, provides customers an outlet for their opinions. Their mission is to help customers quickly find reviews and help them discover great, and not so great, local places. proudly states that they receive over one million hits per month and feature over 3.3 million reviews. They also feature a blog, offer advertising options and appear to be getting more popular with each passing day. While it would probably be great exposure for your company if a Google, Bing or Yahoo search query returned a link to that had nothing but glowing praise for your brand, what if the same link contained negative remarks? Surely, you would want to eliminate it or at least knock it off the first few pages of results, and that’s exactly what we at Profile Defenders can do for you.

You might be wondering just how we are able to restore your reputation. After an initial consultation, we will create for you a customized and comprehensive plan that is catered to your company’s needs. Once we have established just how much damage has been done by and similar review sites, we set out on a mission to not only eliminate or bury existing links, but to replace them with positive ones that illustrate your company’s virtues in a very favorable light. Our job isn’t over until your reputation has been completed restored. In addition, we harness the power of special monitoring tools that allow us to eliminate any new negativity before it causes you headaches. We’ve been involved in the online reputation management business for years. Our expertise, knowledge and experience are reflected in our thousands of satisfied clients.

The worst thing you can do when faced with an online smear campaign launched on popular sites like is ignore it. It will deface your reputation and your customers will undoubtedly take their business elsewhere. Be proactive, and call the industry leading professionals at Profile Defenders today.

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