Regardless of who you are, negative search results can happen to you and severely impact your brand. A single bad status update or blog post made by a disgruntled former employee or client, an angry ex or the posting of one questionable picture could destroy an otherwise impeccable reputation. Even good people can suffer the effects of bad search results; therefore, when it happens, it is important to find ways to salvage your reputation. SEO news suppression is a good place to start. Essentially, SEO news suppression or reverse SEO involves using a variety of strategies and techniques to make bad

In the latest news to afflict the news network, FOX news has come under fire after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against the CEO of FOX, Roger Ailes. The news comes as Gretchen Carlson, a former news host, officially filed the lawsuit in court. The news is startling because it came seemingly out of nowhere. Some of the allegations made against the news executive have been negative, but for many people they see it as just another case in a long line of different cases involving men in positions of power. Gretchen Carlson Fired 50-year-old Gretchen Carlson, a former beauty queen, was fired from the