Emergency Strategies For Fixing Negative Results

Regardless of who you are, negative search results can happen to you and severely impact your brand. A single bad status update or blog post made by a disgruntled former employee or client, an angry ex or the posting of one questionable picture could destroy an otherwise impeccable reputation.

Even good people can suffer the effects of bad search results; therefore, when it happens, it is important to find ways to salvage your reputation. SEO news suppression is a good place to start.

Essentially, SEO news suppression or reverse SEO involves using a variety of strategies and techniques to make bad search results disappear. These tools are primarily used by companies, like the team here at Profile Defenders, that specialize in online reputation management. These experts basically mitigate the effects of negative content regarding your brand. This is basically like fighting fire with fire.

SEO News Suppression Services

Suppressing Bad Results

Creating more content in an effort to suppress the bad results in the search results is an effective way to manage online reputation. In most cases, SEO news suppression is effective at eliminating negative results from the first few result pages. In addition, it serves to reinforce online branding and/or positively promote your business.

The majority of consumers will visit just the first few links that show up in search results. As more SEO-focused content is created, the more your page will rise to the top of the search results. This means the pages with the negative results will move down. Getting the negative content pushed down to the third, fourth or fifth page will make it less likely for consumers to see it.

Bad Link Suppression

There are a number of different ways to suppress bad links. Best of all, they are quite manageable and extremely effective. The methods include:

• Creating new social media profiles and ensuring all of them are active.
• Optimizing existing content like the pages on your website.
• Starting a blog and regularly posting exceptional content.
• Publishing videos, images, podcasts and other types of media.
• Making expert recommendations in professional forums and becoming a thought leader.
• Making comments on content placed on other authority sites in your industry.
• Creating excellent content and linking from the content to different authoritative sites. These must be topically appropriate for the web pages you are promoting.

Essentially, rather than spending valuable time and money on strategies that will not necessarily providing any long-term solutions, it is recommended that you allocate your time to consistently producing high-quality, search-engine friendly content. You should also regularly engage on various social media platforms where you build and interact with relevant members of the different communities.

Having this done will create a barricade of accurate, relevant information that will start to rise higher in Google ranking when individuals conduct a search for your name. In addition to assisting you with suppressing the unwanted negative results, this will also safeguard against any future negative results.

Suppressing negative search results is quite similar to conventional SEO because the newly created content is designed to be optimized for page ranking. The more content you create in quantity and quality, the more likely it will become for the new content to rank higher than the negative results. This, in turn, makes the negative items a lot less noticeable.

When dealing with negative search results regarding yourself or your business, it is extremely important to be rational and have an effective plan to handle the situation. Reading scathing reviews or other negative content could cause a rush of bad emotions to surface. However, instead of lashing out and reacting in a destructive way, you should channel all of that energy into formulating a tactic to make the content vanish. This can be done by suppressing the content and getting it pushed to the depths of search results or having the content removed.

Getting Negative Search Results Removed

Asking someone to immediately remove the negative content he or she placed online about you and having him or her comply would be the ideal situation. However, while having the content removed is possible, there are certain issues and risks associated with doing this:

• The Owner Could Refuse to Remove It

Unless you control the site and own the content, getting the owner to remove the content could be quite a costly and challenging process. If you own the site, you should immediately remove the negative content. For example, there are cases in which your Facebook or Yelp page may feature negative results. This could be in the form of a negative comment or an unpleasant review. To resolve this you can try to update the information on your business profile so it is more interesting and positive. Based on the nature of a particular situation, you could also respond to a negative comment in a professional, apologetic and helpful manner.

If the situation becomes dire, you may have to completely remove your profile and create a brand new one. Bear in mind that the reviews will remain public on some sites even after your profile has been removed.

• The Owner Refuse and Actually Intensify the “Campaign’ to Destroy Your Reputation

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your negative search results, if the individual you are dealing with really has it out for you, there is a big chance he or she could decide to retaliate and make it even worse by becoming more active with their negativity towards you online.

• Content Does Not Qualify for Google’s Legal or ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Causes for Removal

However, if you believe the unseemly search results actually fit the removal criteria, you should immediately submit your request to Google. For example, Google policies do not allow the publishing of certain sensitive personal or financial information. Additionally, any information that can be used to perpetrate fraud is forbidden. Offensive videos and images also violate Google policies.

If the negative content about you or your business violates any of Google policies, you should contact Google and request a removal of the content. However, the negative page will still be in existence but it will no longer show up in Google results.

• The Results are Archived

In a case where you used legal channels, directly emailed the webmaster or filled out a request form and had the content removed, it is still quite likely that the negative results will be archived. This means they could still show up when a search is conducted for your name.

Run a Paid Campaign on Your Social Media Accounts

To be effective, this strategy must only be used in very specific cases and should be handled very carefully. If time has already been invested in building your online presence and you are consistently active on these sites, over time, you will see positive changes. Best of all, these change can actually last. These changes typically become visible within a 12-month period.

However, if a major boost is needed with a particular goal in mind, such as increasing brand awareness, getting more clients or participating in particular types of social media engagement, a paid social media campaign should be something you consider.

This solution is not a sustainable tool for increasing the rankings of your social media accounts. However, if it is done the right way, it provides an opportunity to produce some traction for a particular goal that can be built on. To be effective, paid social media campaigns should place focus on the quality content being created, instead of the negative results. In essence, more activity should be geared toward the properties within your control to positively impact your business or services.

Talk to a Qualified Professional at Profile Defenders

The services offered by Profile Defenders provide an online reputation management guarantee, which assists in removing negative webpages from more than 150,000 different places on the Internet. As The Best Online Reputation Management Company, they have assisted countless number of individuals and businesses to improve their reputation on Google.

They have years of experience in removing negative listings. They use effective strategies to remove negative content from search results, instead of merely suppressing them. Each case is handled on an individual basis and help has been provided for clients whose reputations have been defamed on websites like Scambook.com, Glassdoor.com, Ripoffreport.com, Thedirty.com, Pissedconsumer.com and other local and national news websites.

Profile Defenders have overcome many challenging feats to become the best reputation management service around. Apart from the capacity to totally get rid of negative listings on the Internet, seasoned SEO professionals are on staff who can develop successful campaigns to replace negative results with positive listings. This type of content will be factual and not only promotional in nature.

A number of satisfied customers have attested to the success they have gained through the various techniques used by Profile Defenders. These methods have been fine-tuned and perfected throughout the years.

The team of experts includes white hat Internet marketing authorities who are highly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of search engines. They are aware of how keyword phrases and keywords return negative search results. More importantly, they have the expertise to have these listings taken offline. A wide range of tools are used to assist in ensuring your online reputation is accurate and fair.

In contrast to other companies springing up to manage online reputation, Profile Defenders have been in business for years. There are thousands of satisfied clients who have flourished since their negative listings have been removed from the Internet.

If a person or company claims that your online reputation can be fixed overnight, you should move on and seek help elsewhere. It is quite likely that they will be utilizing black-hat SEO approaches that attempt to trick search engines into rapidly changing results. This might work for a week or two; however, this solution is only temporary and the negative search results will resurface in a short space of time. This will end up putting you back right where you started, with less money to spend.

For years search engines have been clashing with dishonest companies that use black-hat strategies. As such, the search engines have become experts at flagging this type of activity and it frequently backfires, causing the negative results to be thrust back into prominence.

Using the services of Profile Defenders will enable you to continue operating your business or living your life without worry. The World Wide Web should assist your business in growing and prospering. You should not have to feel vulnerable to information that could be posted by a disgruntled competitor, ex-employee or customer who does not understand your business practices.

The services of Profile Defenders are extended to individuals and companies all over the world. There are locations in South Florida, Washington D.C., New York City, California and San Francisco.

The process of managing your online reputation must be ongoing. Therefore, even when positive results start to surface, it is important for you to update your website regularly and stay active on your social media platforms. There are a number of different methods that can be used to improve your online reputation. If you would like our help with the process, feel free to contact us regarding our services and we will let you know how our world-class reputation specialists can work to satisfy your specific needs. We are always willing, ready and have the right tools and expertise to help you.

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