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About the Profile Defenders

Profile Defenders, is an online reputation management (ORM) company with years of experience removing negative listings. We know how to get these unwanted listings removed and have created proprietary, legal techniques, not to just hide them from the search results but to insulate against future repeat rankings of negative articles. Every case and scenario is unique and we commonly help clients who have been defamed on sites like,,,,, local and national news sites, and many more.

In addition to having the ability to completely remove negative listings that are found on the internet our SEO professionals can craft campaigns to successfully replace negative listings with positive listings that are factual, truthful and not merely promotional. We can get great reviews from your satisfied customers using a number of different techniques that we have perfected through the years.

Profile Defenders Office Suite

Our team of white-hat internet marketing experts know the search engines inside and out. We understand how keywords and keyword phrases turn up negative results and we know ways that are proprietary to get them offline. We have a variety of tools at our disposal to help in keeping your reputation fair and accurate.

Unlike many of the companies just springing up to handle this problem online, we’ve been doing this for years. We have thousands of satisfied clients under our belt who have prospered since having their negative listings removed.

Using our services, you can continue to live your life or run your business without worry. The internet should help your business grow and prosper. You shouldn’t feel threatened by something that could be posted by a disgruntled ex-employee, competitor or customer who has misunderstood your business practice. Let us help you use the World Wide Web to your advantage.

Profile Defenders will proudly serve you anywhere in the world. We have office locations in Utah, Washington D.C., Florida, Los Angeles, California, and South Florida. We will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your online reputation needs.


A review or website that says something negative about your business or personal life can cause serious damage. Online, your reputation is everything! Trust, credibility, the value you offer – these things are essential on the World Wide Web. One negative review or website can destroy the trust you’ve spent years building and drive away thousands of potential customers. It can even cost you a future job. Any smart individual will Google you or your company before engaging in any business with you.

Anybody can speak negatively about an individual or business. Unfortunately in today’s world, you are who Google says you are. What makes it even worse is you cannot stop anybody from Googleing your name BUT WE CAN CONTROL THE RESULTS THEY SEE.

This is not only a problem for online businesses; the internet has become an essential tool for people who are looking for offline services as well. With the growth of “local search,” they are looking for reviews online to tell them about local businesses including restaurants, hotels, lawyers, interior decorators, house painters, educational institutions – everything.

No business is safe from attacks online. But there is something you can do

Make Negative Search Results Disappear

It is entirely possible to make these negative search results disappear. It’s not an act of magic, but a tried and true technique that has helped thousands of businesses clear up their reputations online, correct inaccuracies and project a positive image of themselves. We’re skilled at removing attacks, rumors, distortions and inappropriate slanders against companies online.

No business is safe from attacks online. But there is something you can do…Hire Profile Defenders, the number one online reputation management company.


Effective Search Techniques

The first step is to find these negative sites. To do this, we use the most up-to-date search methods and tools. Our expertise helps us to identify keywords and phrases that will lead us to these sites.

Removal Of Undesirable Information

We have a wide range of techniques for getting them removed, all of which are quick and effective. Years of experience have taught us methods that work to get this negative information buried.

Replacement With Positive Information

We go one step even further and replace the negative reviews with positive ones. We employ several methods which provide truthful, real positive information about your company or profile. Nothing is falsified or untrue. We’ll provide you with real press that will not look forced, suspicious or self-promoting.

Ongoing Monitoring

Because new posts can appear at any time, we’ll keep an eye on what’s being said about your company and make sure your reputation stays clean and accurate.