LifeBrand Reputation Protection For Social Media Monitoring

LifeBrand Reputation Protection For Social Media Monitoring

It only takes one Facebook rant, tweet, or Instagram post to tarnish your reputation. LifeBrand helps individuals and businesses to avoid the next social media scandal.

With their AI-based technology, it is possible to thoroughly scan a particular social media platform with the click of a button. Potentially harmful or inappropriate content will be flagged and it is up to the user to ignore or delete them.

About LifeBrand

LifeBrand develops the most advanced AI-based technology for detecting and removing potential harmful posts from users’ social media accounts. Its mission is to be the global leader in social media background check technology.

With their risk management technology, potentially problematic posts are quickly detected and users can delete them. This will help in improving an individual or business reputation.

Individual Solutions

Your personal brand is important. People will judge you based on your social media profiles; these will influence whether business partners want to work with you or employers want to hire you.

With LifeBrand, you will find potentially harmful social media posts. You will decide whether to delete, edit, or keep them. LifeBrand software will allow you to clean your social accounts from point of inception.

Business Solutions

LifeBrand offers business brand protection solutions. They provide businesses with a fully EEOC and FCRA certified AI-based technology which will carry out social media background checks on current employees and new hires. This will ensure that you hire the right employees.

• The business plan will scan social media accounts, manage with custom dashboards, provide a history of reports, and scrub past social media posts.

• LifeBrand will provide you with a custom-priced solution which will suit the reputation management needs of your brand.

Social media mistakes can be dangerous. With LifeBrand, you will have the peace of mind that you have the right employees on board.


LifeBrand supports the three major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Solutions are tailored according to the features of a platform.

• Facebook

Being the biggest social media website, Facebook is where you will find the most scandals. With no best practices, past mistakes on Facebook can ruin your brand or career. That is why LifeBrand provides users with the ability to scan and remove harmful Facebook content.

• Twitter

Twitter boosts millions of users. Just like Facebook, Twitter has no best practices. Users can share and discuss anything on Twitter including current events, politics, business, and football.

You can quickly forget old tweets only for them to be dug up years later. This will put you in a compromising situation. To save yourself from potential embarrassment, you should take responsibility of your account using LifeBrand.

• Instagram

Instagram helps users to share their lives through stories, videos, and pictures. Because of its popularity, it suffers from the same problems as Twitter and Facebook.

A forgotten Instagram post can ruin a potential business deal or career opportunity. Scanning and scrubbing Instagram content will easily and effectively prevent future problems.

Pricing & Plans

The free plan costs nothing but you will only be able to see the preview of flagged posts. The Basic Access plan has a one-off cost of $9.97 and enables you to view and delete posts, access analytics overview, and view and share unlimited reports.

The ultimate plan is the Unlimited Access plan. You pay a one-off cost of $9.97 and $3.97 every month. Features include:

• Ability to delete and views posts

• Unlimited number of reports and scans

• View detailed analysis

• Deleting all harmful content

• Seeing all flagged posts

Data Security

What does LifeBrand do with personal data? This is a question that most potential users will want to know.

Getting your data stolen and sold to the highest bidder is the most frightening thing. LifeBrand doesn’t share or store any of your data on their servers.

With LifeBrand, security is a top priority. Sensitive information is never shared with third parties and they don’t store your credentials.

The Bottom-Line:

Getting Started On Cleansing Your Social Media Reputation

Life Brand Social Media Monitoring


Getting started involves signing up for a business or personal account. You then choose your plan between free, basic access, and unlimited access. After that, you connect your social media accounts and you can start scanning and deleting harmful content.

Your first scan will take several minutes because all your posts since the inception of the account are scanned. There might be longer wait periods if there is heavy traffic on LifeBrand’s platform.

If you are looking for a comprehensive reputation repair and deletion service reach out to the profile defenders team to find out more.

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