In the situations where you would like an extra layer of protection we will help you protect your image with our proprietary branding and PR campaigns that have been tested and proven to work year in and year out because we properly follow Googles terms of service for web search results. Our online reputation management team may run into the rare case where we are unable to completely remove the unwanted search results and you will want it pushed down in the search index. After a decade of proving that we are the number one reputation management firm you can know with confidence that you are in great hands working with our team.


Who Uses Profile Defenders?

  • Business owners who have negative publicity and Good people who want to clean up their online reputation.
  • Individuals and Businesses who need help managing their reputation both online and offline and need qualified web consultants.
  • Those who need help cleaning up their negative publicity from search engine results and want to gain back that competitive edge.
  • Anybody that wants only positive results to be shown when they are Googled

Marketing Strategy

(How do we do it?)
Profile Defenders uses in house developed proprietary technologies to replace negative information with positive information. Some of our strategies include:

  • Promote positive reviews and press releases about yourself or
  • Create viral effects of new positive publicity about your business or yourself utilizing our proprietary Social Network software.
  • In the end you see results, gain back any business you would have lost with negative publicity and your future employer sees positive results when they search for you.