Help Removing a Website Link or URL from Google

Need Help Removing or Getting Rid of a Website Link From Google when you type in your name or your businesses name? 

A poor online reputation can lead to the destruction of your personal life and business. It might seem hard to believe, but there are plenty of people who have fallen into a deep depression and even committed suicide because someone posted untrue statements about them on the Internet. Even worse, the chances of convincing search engine behemoth Google to remove the slanderous link is slim to none. You could contact the webmaster of the site and ask them to eradicate the link but that never ever works.

For individuals and business owners who have been victimized by online slander the best alternative is to contact an online reputation management agency, and who better than the proven industry leaders at Profile Defenders? Statistics show that most Web browsers rarely look beyond the first page of Google search results. What this means is that your first line of defense is to bury negativity with positivity. Whether it’s a negative listing on The Dirty, DList, Yelp, Consumer Affairs, or any of the negative review sites you don’t have to worry once you enlist the help of Profile Defenders.

You could buy every domain name that is associated with your business or persona, but that can be a cumbersome and unreasonably expensive process especially if your not experienced in the field of building websites which can cost a few thousand dollars a piece. You’ll be much better off contacting a team like us. We possess a deep understanding of how search engines, such as Google, function. Utilizing innovate SEO techniques and ground breaking methodologies, we are able to craft a campaign that will bury slanderous website links below a plethora of positive listings. Better yet, we specialize in removing links that are harmful to your online reputation. Our results speak for themselves. To date, thousands of clients have prospered from our services, claiming that they wouldn’t have known how to save their business if not for Profile Defenders. Our mission is to make sure that your online reputation is one that is fair and deserved.

We only deal with ethical companies and individuals who have been unjustly scandalized by unreasonable customers, rival corporations, ex-employees or people who for whatever reason are holding a grudge. The Internet should be a place where you can expand your business, not a place where you watch it flounder. Our services make it so you will never have to worry about your online reputation again. You might be wondering, “But what if someone posts a new negative comment?” No problem. Our monitoring tools are specifically designed to handle that sort of problem. After we have restored your reputation, we use these tools to aggressively dispose of any new slander before it has a chance to affect your image. Whether you are a small or large business owner, doctor or lawyer, we will be able to design a customized plan tailored to your desires. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

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