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It is easy to sometimes forget that Google isn’t the only heavily utilized search engine. In addition to the billions of queries made from Bing and Yahoo there is a search engine called Baidu that services a large part of the Asia, including China, Japan and Thailand. Considering the large population of those countries it comes as little surprise that Baidu is used for billions of search inquiries each year. Therefore, if your business hopes to thrive overseas, it is imperative that any negative listings regarding your companies brand not appear on the top few pages of Baidu search results.

Baidu’s scope is simply overwhelming. China alone has a population that is more than four times greater than that of the United States, and a great deal of its populace has Internet access. That number is sure to only increase as China continues to make strong technological advances. Baidu is the Eastern equivalent of Google, and its search results heavily influence consumer opinion. Now more than ever, companies rely on their international sales to help them sustain their growth.

You can therefore imagine how devastating it would be if a Baidu search result in reference to your business contained defamatory listings. Even more frightening is that the Internet is completely unfiltered. Anyone can post a comment on a forum, write a review or keep a custom blog that is dedicated to defiling your company’s reputation. Try as you may to counteract negativity, consumers are far more influenced by negative listings than positive ones and there is little you can do on your own to curtail the damage caused by online slander. That is, until now.

Profile Defenders, a leader in the online reputation management field, was established with protecting your image in mind. We have made it our mission to protect ethical businesses that have been victimized by negative publicity. Although we can’t reveal all of our secrets, suffice to say that we are experts at getting negative listings removed from search engines – even from international ones like Beyond that, we replace these negative links with positive ones that bring credibility to your business. You’d be surprised to know that most negative comments found on the Internet are fraudulent. Rival companies commonly resort to dirty tactics and smear campaigns to weed out the competition. They believe that the easiest way to acquire new customers is to maliciously attack their adversaries.

You’ve worked hard to gain a great reputation and our services are designed to make sure you keep it. We are the top professionals in the online reputation management industry, proven through our thousands of satisfied clients. In addition to understanding how widely used search engines like function, we are SEO experts with a keen understanding of how keywords can turn up negative results. We also make it a point to always keep up with the latest trends and changes made to search engines. You’ll see the results of our efforts almost instantaneously. If you need links from or any other search engine removed, call Profile Defenders right away for a free consultation.

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