Removal & Deletion Service

There are new complaint sites that seem to popup almost daily. Our online reputation management services are one of the few that can help you actually delete and remove these nasty complaint websites. One of the more popular up and coming websites that’s displaced former popular gripe sites like & is

This popular and growing website does exactly what the name says. It Names and Shames companies and individuals that are seen as bad actors in their industry. Featured complaints right on their front page talk about Oak Hill Capital Partners, Nuvei/Pivotal Payments, NutriMost, Dentzz Dental, Wesley Virgin, Harold Rice, Dean Graziosi, Pallab Ghosal, and Dan Lok all of whom have comments and reports calling them scams and ripoffs. Name and Shame Complaint Removal

Every single post is given a 1 to 5 star rating along with the total number of views and comments. You can add additional images, documentation, links, and a video to showcase any additional evidence as to a scam. There are some cases where there is evidence uploaded and others where the complaint simply just calls out the scam or fraud.

Our deletion service works directly with the website owners to delete and remove scandalous complaints. If they are false and defamatory then you have a great case for removal. If they are true then we will have to take a look at the accusations and discuss the best method for fixing these issues for you.

We also remove court records online, delete from Scamion, Holysmoke, and other well known complaint and news sites.

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