Scamion Removal: The Most Foolproof Action Against False Reviews is a fairly new website (live since November, 2018). This is a scam reporting website (similar to the well known website Ripoff Report) which provides consumers a platform to submit reports, reviews, and complaints of any nature. Primarily, however, the site (just as its name suggests) offers disgruntled customers or those who believe they have been cheated or wronged by a business an opportunity to share their experience on the website. Apparently, there seems to be nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, the scam reports will alert other potential consumers to be wary of businesses that seem to engage in shady practices.

But How Trustworthy is Scamion Itself?

Now, this question has been rearing its head already for some time now and more than a few are asking if Scamion itself is a legit site after all or is there something shady going on with this site? And there are good reasons behind these suspicions.

• First of all, unlike some other similar sites (like Ripoff Report again), there is no information available about the owner/company/entity behind this website. Whoever is running the site, he has chosen to remain anonymous!
• Then, the site itself furnishes us with NO contact details whatsoever.
• But most importantly, you can find many complaints and reports on Scamion that were actually posted before the site came live on the internet!!

A lot of the Online Complaints Look Like They’re Copied From Other Websites?

If all of these do not look fishy, one would be left wondering what else? It doesn’t even end there!
Many have already complained that responses to negative reviews do not always get published on the site. This again is something highly problematic. At Google reviews, for example, a business can always respond to anything published about them. They can post comments directly beneath the report. They also have the option to ‘flag’ the report as inappropriate. And finally, there is the provision for all business to contact Google by phone or email.
Granted that apart from responding by way of comments, other processes are somewhat lengthy and are not always too effective. Nonetheless, you at least have those options.

On, however, these options are non-existent. Yes, you can post comments in response to a negative review, but there is no guarantee that they will be published.

Scamion Removal: So, how to remove and fix bad content on Scamion?

Legit or not, it cannot be denied that Scamion has already succeeded to gain a high visibility on Google and other search engines via their high rankings on page 1. And this means that any negative or false reports on Scamion about your business can seriously hurt your bottom line and then finding a reputation repair service like the ones we offer here tend to be rather important.

So, what do you do when one or more negative reports or complaints about your business surface on the site? Normally, in case of negative reports, always the best course of action is to publish your side of the story in the most convincing manner as possible. You should publish your comment underneath the report/complaint and should also contact the site and furnish them with the details that can convince the site moderators that your claims are legit; thereafter, the site itself can choose to remove the complaint altogether or can request the complainant to withdraw or change his report.

However, there is little chance that this would work with Scamion.

Now, one strange thing about Scamion is that almost all search results relating to this site shows up a host of other online reputation management sites who are promising to remove Scamion reports for a fee.

We are the only reputation management company that we know of that can remove and delete from If you receive a solicitation or email offering help please contact us right away.

According to these paid services, there is no way that you can remove bad content about your business from Scamion on your own, but they can! And they will perform the task for you for a fee!
Well, now you decide what to make of it!

Take Legal Action

Now, our suggestion is that if you find any fake report being published about your business on Scamion, take legal action right away but be prepared to spend at least $75,000 or more. Lawyers will gladly take up your case when they know that you have a solid case against any such false or fake report. They will file a defamation suit and sue the complainant for a hefty sum of money and work on discovery but this will end up being a waste of money as you get nowhere and make the attorneys rich. And the damages claimed for don’t have to be limited to business damages only (loss of customers and so on), you can ask compensation for other kind of damages, too, such as emotional distress, loss of health, and so on. These cases get resolved fairly quickly, but it won’t get Google to take down the negative search result even if it is false.

To sum up, this, in our opinion, is the only reasonable action you can take against false reports published on Scamion. Pay a third party to remove those comments and you’ll only help to spread the evil even faster!

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