Webpage Removal is a website that aggregates and displays information on recent lawsuit filings or court cases. Unless a court case is sealed and is no longer considered public knowledge it will be visible to the general public. In very rare cases a Law360 court case is sealed due to privacy and safety issues or if the person involved in the case is a minor under the age of 18.

These court cases can be damaging and hurtful if you Google yourself or your business and see this appearing in the search results. While there seems to be no hope to remove links from Google there is our engineering solution here at Profile Defenders that helps to remove and replace unwanted search results with good and positive ones. With over 150,000 different webpages removed from Google search results and new results being removed every week by our team of engineers we are proud to assist and help you with any of your court case removals or link removals from websites like

Contact our reputation repair and removal firm to inquire about how we can help you completely delete unwanted search results like Law 360 and have them completely vanished from both Google search results and from the website in which it is hosted on.

With our help you can regain your reputation and let what you want to have seen show up in the search results.

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