WashingtonCityPaper Article Suppression

The internet can be a place where journalists cover you in a very positive life and then theres the internet filled with hate, negativity, and cyber bullying. We are here to help you push down and replace negative press or defamation that has hurt your brand or yourself with good...

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How To Submit a Court Order to Google

Google has a few different ways to remove something legally from their index. If you have obtained a court order with the help of our Profile Defenders then please allow us to submit the court order on your behalf. It is very possible that you may try to submit the...

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When a Viral Video Goes Wrong

Today we will examine a noteworthy case where a video was uploaded to Youtube on purposes that forever changed the life of one Chief Financial Officer in Arizona. Adam Smith (not the famous economist from the 18th century) decided to go through a Chick-fil-A drive through and spread his opinion on...

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