Howe We Help To Remove Unwanted Blogs

You Googled your name and you saw your linkedin profile, a Facebook profile, and the White Pages listing for yourself. Then you looked and somebody purchased your own domain name and put some unflattering results on there. While it was Google that led you to find this unwanted search result...

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Profile Defenders New Website

We recently launched a new design, look, and feel to our ever growing business. Since we first launched the Profile Defenders brand almost 5 years ago we have had numerous competitors come and go. One of the strongest words to describe us is Longevity. We want our clients new and...

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It was a website created for those seeking lust and sin. Now the tables have been turned and the hackers are winning and those who sought sin in the past may be seeking a new place to sleep tonight. A group of blackhat hackers stole’s clients and threatened to...

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