What You Should Know About Cyberbullying To Defend Yourself

What You Should Know About Cyberbullying To Defend Yourself

Are you a victim of cyberbullying and wish to be informed about the various tricks you can use to tackle such a case? If so, this write-up will give you some crucial information you should know about cyberbullying that you can use when the need arises.


Cyberbullying refers to bullying which takes place over different digital gadgets such as tablets, computers, and smartphones among others. It can occur online through forums, social media messages, or gaming chats whereby people can participate in, view, or share content.

Cyberbullying is an act that includes sharing, posting or sending false, mean, or harmful information about another person. The act can include sharing private or personal information about another person and hence causing humiliation or embarrassment.

Cyberbullying Facts and Statistics

A recent study conducted worldwide confirmed that cyberbullying incidents are constantly on the rise and therefore any victim of it should not take the matter lightly. Some of the present-day fact findings on cyberbullying include:

— Over 80 percent of teens are utilizing a cell phone frequently, making it the prime cause for cyberbullying.

— Approximately 40 percent of teens are victims of cyberbullying. Based on studies, 1 in 5 kids using a cell phone have been bullied online more than once.

— About 75 percent of students worldwide report encountering regular bullying online.

Why Cyberbullying Exists

Cyberbullying happens because of the same reasons connected to any other kind of bullying. However, cyberbullying is more appealing since the act can be performed anonymously. Based on studies, there are two types of individuals who have higher chances of bullying someone else i.e. those people that are on the community fringes as well as those who are famous.

Popular teens or kids may bully because they either view it as a trick to stay popular or since they feel powerful anytime they hurt others. Also, teens or kids considered to be less socially may bully others because of several reasons including:

— It assists them in coping with their individual self-esteem

— They have trouble sympathizing with those people they hurt

Who is in More Danger of Cyberbullying?


When cyberbullying is compared with conventional forms of bullying, the former is considered to be more dangerous. Based on research, most of the victims of cyberbullying are kids and teens.


Cyberbullying cases are always on the rise since the act can take place anytime, anywhere, and because the bully doesn’t require being face-to-face when bullying others. This significantly contributes to making the attacks of cyberbullying normally to be more cruel and vicious. Just like all kinds of bullying, cyberbullying can cause serious harm to an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills.

As a parent, there are several tricks you can utilize when trying to find out if your kid is a victim of cyberbullying. In case you’re concerned that your kid is the victim, you should try looking out for behavioral signs including:

1. Low self-esteem.

2. Spending more of their time alone or withdrawing from friends, family as well as social situations.

3. Appearance or weight loss changes.

Be informed that in case of a serious situation of cyberbullying, and the act goes for a long time unnoticed and untreated, most victims have higher chances of committing suicide. It is therefore important you are aware of how to identify easily cyberbullying as this will help in ensuring it does not go unnoticed.

What You Can Do to Avoid Being a Victim of Cyberbullying

#1: Protecting your Privacy on the Internet

Some of the things you can do to protect your privacy online include:

*Avoid posting something online which you desire to keep private

*Utilizing the privacy setting options on social media

*Limiting your online friends

#2: Dealing with Bullies Accordingly

In case a person says anything cruel online, resist the desire to fight back. You should also block any person that you notice has the habit of harassing others online.

Tips on How to Defend from Cyberbullying

Tip#1: Blocking any Person Harassing you Online

If someone is trying to bully you online, cut the connection with them immediately by blocking them and cutting off any online contact you have with them.

Tip#2: Keeping Evidence of any Cyberbullying Incident

This involves keeping copies of texts or emails and taking screenshots of the harassment messages or photos. This will serve as proof of showing the bullying took place when the need arises.

Tip#3: Getting Legal Help

Reporting the bully to the police is one great method of teaching them a lesson. There is no country that supports cyberbullying and hence reporting the harasser to the relevant authority will see them face the full arm of the law.

Tip#4: Finding the Person Bullying you Online

There are several online tools you can use to find the person harassing you. One of the best tools to use is phone lookup software. Such software can assist you to know where the person that bullied you is as it can help you find out their address, name and other information on them.
Bottom Line

Always ensure you protect your online privacy and take any cyberbullying case seriously since any person targeting to bully you can end up exposing what you do not want to share to the entire world of internet.

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