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The Reputation Group

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Ready to remove something unwanted or negative from Google search results? Well you can now delete and completely remove those bad URL’s with our Reputation Group’s help. Profile Defenders is the only company that can guarantee to erase, de-index, or remove bad search results.

Our process is ingrained with a few proprietary techniques that have been proven to be successful for helping you to regain and control your reputation online. The ability to work off unwanted results and have us create new and positive search results that not only help you to push away the unwanted reviews, news stories, or content that is there but it also helps you to increase your brands awareness and will help you to make more money in the long run.

With a guaranteed solution the offer is risk free as long as you can afford to replace and remove the bad search results. Reputation management solutions and consulting is not cheap but your reputation is never something that you want to have a lack of spending on.

*Please note that we are not affiliated with the gentleman in Los Angeles, California known as David A. Caravantes from a company named The Reputation Group 424.249.9399 Email:

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