Affordable Reputation Management Services

Is Reputation Management Affordable?

You want to save money and use an affordable reputation management service? Be very careful as we have saved hundreds of clients reputations who wanted to be cheap with something you should never ever spare an expense with….Your Reputation. After using what they thought was an “Affordable Reputation Management Service”, they ended up spending a few thousand dollars and got little to no results.

Spend more to get more and you will be glad that you did. Even though our smallest packages start at a couple of thousand dollars it’s worth every penny to get permanent results that last and you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars every year for an affordable service that does not work.

In a recent Inc. magazine interview we spoke with a branding expert and went over why it’s so important to use a well known and respected ORM company.

We’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes (TWICE), Inc. Magazine, and many more publications because we are the best reputation management service but we sure aren’t the most affordable and never will be.

If you want results that you have to pay for then work with us. If you want affordable services that do not work then we are not the solution for your reputation and branding needs.

Reputation Management Services Reviews

Make sure to read all of the pertinent reviews online about your reputation manager or the company you are looking to engage with. A client recently who was extremely satisfied with our work came to us and said there is a pissed consumer online that has your company listed on page 1. After looking at the review it was for and their reputation defender service and there was not a single negative review about our company because of our dominant strengths and engineering capabilities in the industry.

It’s important to be open about your past with your ORM company. We detail how the process works and give out realistic expectations. Sometimes clients do not want to hear that but you will find out the truth in the end anyway so it’s better to be honest and open from the start. We are never the cheapest but you will get the best results and that takes time.

Personal Reputation Management Services

There are many individuals and business professionals that need personalized services. Some of the most popular personal services are used for the following:

  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Lawyers
  • Business Consultants
  • Small Business Owners
  • Restaurant Owners
  • College Students
  • Business Professionals

All of these clients love Profile Defenders because no matter if they want to remove something online or they just want to brand themselves online we are able to help them achieve their goals.

What Do Online Reputation Management Services Cost?

How much does a house cost?

How much does a car cost?

How much does your image cost? You can’t really put a price on your reputation and image. The pricing is similar to buying a house or automobile. There is no easy answer. Some jobs can be done for as little as $1,500 dollars but the higher end jobs can cost in the six figures. Permanent removals are typically combined with suppression services that help to maintain a positive presence online. In the positive presence building you are creating a brand for yourself and lowering the possibility of future negative results appearing online.

Reputation Management Services Pricing can be completely removed for as little as $4,500 where complaint websites for permanent removal starts at $7,500. Removing a news story from the or can be a daunting task that will cost a lot but almost any site and webpage is a candidate for removal. If it can’t be removed then a suppression model where it is hidden in the Google search results is often a very feasible solution to your brand or personal needs.

Reputation Management Companies

There is and then there is Let us know what your needs are and if we are not the absolute best fit for you then we will gladly help you to set you up with one that is. When it comes to suppression and deletion work there is no better solution. If it’s for social media monitoring or reviews on eBay and Yelp then we would not be the best solution but we are glad to make an introduction to a company that will take good care of you. We vet all of the companies we refer clients to and stake our reputation on it.

Online Reputation Management For Individuals

Individuals typically want to remove one negative news story or a mugshot online. We all make mistakes and it’s important to learn from your mistakes and take pride in making yourself a better person tomorrow. Serious criminal offenses we are not able to help with as we have to make an ethical choice to society but bad things do happen to good people. Those are our favorite individuals we like to help and when we receive thank you letters there is nothing more fulfilling.

Brand Reputation Services

There are a lot of similar services that we can provide for brands that correlate with the individual services. If you are a company no matter how big or small we are glad to give you a free consultation on cleaning up your search results. Google tends to favor the unwanted results but we can get you lots of great positive press. From editorial features to social media profile building we know the best sites to promote your brand on.

When promoting Brands with our ORM services we act like a full fledged PR firm. In fact we do a much better job at communicating your message then any public relations firm we have ever seen. To regain, control, and have access to promote your message unfettered is incredibly important and having a full time team to assist with that is priceless.

Online Reputation Management Services For Small Business

If your a small business owner and you have read this far then we would love to help you. We want clients who understand the intricacies of SEO and the importance of having a good image online. We worked hard for the last 6+ years to impress our clients and learning the algorithmic changes, the law, and ways to help keep you looking good online. Now it’s important to ensure your image is clean online.

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