Tagthesponsor Deletion Service

You have a sugar daddy and he pays for everything. Your life on social media looks like you are living your dreams. Unfortunately somebody else maybe an ex-boyfriend or a girl that wasn’t sponsored to come on your shopping trip. So what happens now? Well like the site Thedirty.com or Shesahomewrecker.com you never want to be posted on these type of complaint websites.

If you are then you have to get the post or page deleted so your parents, family, friends, or sugar daddy have to see it. While these sites are seen as sleezy and are disgusting how they will make us pay to get down they are not illegal.

Tagthesponsor removal service

Whether it’s a Snapchat image or Instagram post or story that they screenshot you will find that whoever posts on Tagthesponsor.com has a lot of dirt on you. They want to spread it and make you look bad and the only way to get it down is to do a deletion from the site.

How To Delete a Post From Tagthesponsor.com?

To delete a post from this site we don’t recommend trying to sue the owner. There is legal protection via the Communications Decency act aka CDA 230. Instead we will have to pay off the owner of the website and for a “processing” fee they will remove the unwanted pages on the site that you don’t like seeing. So if you have a situation and need assistance let us know and we will be glad to help.

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