Removing and Hiding Your Embarrassing Posts

You googled yourself. What happened? You saw that the website called has something very offending about you. Even worse there is most likely a photo of yourself right there. Well we can get this 100% REMOVED for you. yes a Removal service of bad stuff from the Dirty is possible but we are one of the only companies in the world that know how to do this. It is not easy but we guarantee our work.

If you’ve noticed negative comments about your business or website posted on, and would like to remove defamatory information and/or protect your online reputation, We can help. We can work on your behalf to remove false information and negative reports about your company/website, and launch an effective campaign to maintain your reputation thereafter.

We use an effective and guaranteed removal technique to get posts quickly eliminated from and all search engines.  If a slanderous post on is harming your reputation contact us today and we can help 202-709-6571. is a site that basically specializes in slander and negative comments about celebrities, athletes, businesses, college students, and regular individuals in cities around the country. Anyone is free to submit any comments they like about anyone else along with an accompanying photograph. As you can imagine, this has caused a lot of strife in many people’s lives because the site is literally an “anything goes” platform for ex-partners, jealous coworkers, disgruntled business competitors, and anyone else that wants to slander you in any way they’d like.

It isn’t hard for someone to find a post about you on, as the site is categorized based on city. You can choose to search by city, or submit your own city if it is not already on the map. Upon choosing the desired city you’ll see a list of blog posts highlighted by photographs of people that are being openly defamed, many times out of nothing more than jealousy or personal vendetta. can be especially dangerous to business owners as “The Biz!” section of the site is devoted specifically to business transactions gone wrong. In this section photographs of business owners and employees are posted along with negative comments about their business ethics, behavior, personal lifestyle, looks, and anything else that could embarrass them or harm their reputation.

The “Would You?” Section of the site is geared more towards sexually oriented opinions/slander, and can be particularly embarrassing for young girls, especially if their close friends or family members were to discover some of the posted pictures or things being said about them. Celebrities are not exempt from being slandered on, as there is an entire “Celebs” section that has a massive list of celebrity names, each of whom have their own sub-section containing a multitude of ridiculing posts.

Regardless of which section of the site you’ve been slandered on, our professional PR specialists at can help you remove all slander from, and keep your online reputation positive by continuously monitoring for negative comments about your personal or business name.

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