Remove Negative News Story

Our Australian clients love us. Why? We have helped them to remove unwanted news stories that greatly affected their business and themselves.

So How Does Your Service To Remove ABC.NET.AU Results work?

Each and every take down requires a specialized approach. We have to act as an architect working with engineers to determine the best way to remove an unfavorable news story this involves in some instances reaching out directly to the journalist or writer who covered the story and pleading with them. If this is not relevant or would not work in your individual case then there are other approaches where we can go above the writer and work with somebody else at the newspaper to have the article removed from the website.

There are other instances where we have to take a different approach and assist in a legal matter to receive a court order for removal that Google enforces by taking the Australian search result out of it’s search index.

Other popular sites down under in Australia and New Zealand that we get requests to remove from are

If you have negative or unwanted news stories on any of the above sites then you can know that your profile can be defended with our help. Contact us today to receive more information on our take down, suppression, and brand reputation management services.

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