Bury Negative News Online

How Do You Get Rid of Negative News on The Internet?

The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Your Local Area News Station Website, Forbes, you name it they did a negative news story and now when you Google yourself that is all you see on page 1. Well it’s time for you to take back your reputation and learn how you can remove, delete, or suppress something that you don’t like online.

To hide these news items you have the following options:

  1. Push them down so they are not as visible by creating new positive content
  2. Try to manipulate the sites ranking below and boost them above the news websites
  3. Go on a big branding and PR spree
  4. Respond to the negative results
  5. Let the negative results stay online while hoping and praying they will one day disappear (unlikely but it has happened)
  6. If the articles are defamatory or fit specific criteria use Profile Defenders Online Reputation Management Services to De-index or remove the bad results

How To Bury Negative News Online?

Option 1 will consist of creating new positive content about yourself. Are you involved in any charities? Have you done any work in your field that sets you apart from the crowd? What can you say about yourself that expresses who you are online? Depending on the situation you may be able to get into the news for positive press and anchor that to outweigh the negative press.

Option 2 would involve a blackhat SEO strategy where you create backlinks to push up the neutral and positive results above the negative ones.

Option 3 Is very similar to option 1 and we are glad to go over your specific case and scenario to gameplan what would be best for you.

Option 4 As stated in the Forbes article about the Dark Side of Reputation Management it almost never is a good idea to respond to criticism online. The reason is that this will create a bigger issue and unless you act like Donald Trump with no apologies then you may be creating an even bigger headwind.

Option 5 In very few instances have we seen this work. There are some small news sites that close down and the stories are not picked up by other papers or journalists. It’s not ideal but if you can not afford to spend money on fixing up your image online then this may be the only option for you.

Option 6 This is a big hit. We have been very successful using multiple methods to help get your bad news story offline. It’s not cheap but neither is a squeaky clean reputation.

Burying the negative stuff can be a long and laborious process. Depending on the domain authority, trust flow, and page rank of the root domain website and the actual page you want to hide can be extremely difficult. Many clients have tried to do this on their own or hired reputation.com/brandyourself.com with little to no results. The reason is there are specific ways that need to be done to remove bad results and no two jobs are ever the same. We hand craft each campaign to bury or hide negative news sites and results. In many cases the better solution is for us to completely remove or de-index these results with our Award Winning Profile Defenders Lawsuit Removal Service.

For more information or help in repairing your image after unwanted content has been posted online seek out advice and a consultation from one of our reputation advisers.

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