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If you’re a pastor or run a sermon and have found yourself at the hands of attackers writing negatives about you and a disbelief about your work in g*ds name then you may need an online reputation management company to help you with these negatives on the internet. In the past a fake news scandal could rock the church and a pastor may have to explain that the allegations, accusations, or news story about something related to the church was false and an attack by an anti-religion group. However in todays world if an attack is lodged against a church the internet hears about it and whether or not it’s true it spreads like a wildfire.

Whether it’s a bad Facebook post, Instagram reel, or Tiktok video that’s hurting your pastors good name in the public image we can help repair and replace unwanted attacks. In a most recent example of a Pastor in Brooklyn, New York who drives a Rolls Royce and pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead, who goes by Bishop, and his wife were robbed of over $1,000,000 in jewelry during a live sermon broadcast.

While thats bad enough that they were robbed but in addition the media is now making their lives and robbery a known issue which may create a lot of additional issues for the pastor according to a recent CNN article about the Bishop and his extravagant lifestyle.

So How To Fix a Church’s Reputation Online

Starting with a good press campaign. It’s important that you want to cover the 5 Ws of press release styling (Who is making the news, What the news is, Where the news is happening, When the news is happening, and Why the story is important to the reader), the less your editorial content looks promotional versus educational and informative the better. It’s good to get press but make sure any release looks less like a press release and more like a news announcement. Keep the traditional PR agent info to a minimum and don’t hire a crisis management or PR firm look for an experienced online reputation management company.

If the company you’ve hired or is part of an internal PR team at the church that is working on distributing press releases but doesn’t publish them on the church website, you may be able to justify adding a “news room” section to your site if they create a sufficient volume of PR. It will help if they internal team or 3rd party marketing agency has been publishing press releases for several years and can leverage this for brand protection purposes.

News rooms may be easier to pitch on a feel good story but if you are battling bad press you may want to look out for small to mid-sized news outlets that don’t want to publish dedicated news about negative stories and pitch them on a positive feel good story.

Building  Microsites For The Bishop or Pastor

Although most SEO campaigns avoid microsite strategies for a reputation protection campaign the opposite will hold true. They are highly effective for reputation management and suppression campaigns. If your client is consolidating microsites into the main corporate site it’s important to understand the strategy for the church and how to effectively execute a strategy that will suppress and or remove results.

The search engines don’t care if you set up a dozen microsites, each with its own purpose and goals. The downside to using microsites is that they can too easily get out of control. Each site requires its own domain, its own hosting, its own reputation management strategy, etc. You’re duplicating efforts and not necessarily getting as many wins as you would if everything was in one place.

A great microsite strategy will allow you to dominate search engine results pages in Google, Bing, Baidu, in ways that single-site SEO or brand and reputation campaigns from novices never will. You can create branded SERPs much more quickly and easily with a handful of microsites. You can tweak the individual listings more easily with microsites than with a megalithic single-site strategy.

Other information to help you better understand search engines for a reputation repair campaign.

A group of researchers from Boise State University studied how children engage with search engine result pages:

Microsoft has a new document set for machine learning called ClueWeb22

University of Waterloo studied how search engine users spend their time in search results

If you’re a pastor, church, bishop, clergy member, nun, cantor, rabbi, or somebody who needs help with an online issue Profile Defenders is glad to provide helpful information on the best practices to resolve your online issues.

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