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Avoiding Online Public Relations Disasters with Profile Defenders Help

Before the dawn of the internet, companies relied on Public Relations to present a positive image of their company to the media.  Mainly this was in the form of positive press releases and favorable images of the company, targeted towards major news outlets.  With the advent of the World Wide Web, companies gained new avenues in which to promote their brand.  Unfortunately, while the internet enabled corporations to reach more people, it also made containing negative press significantly harder.  From negative comments to outright slandering by competitors, negativity surrounds the internet and much of it is not based in truth.

A new PR, in the form of reputation management would be necessary if companies ever wanted to retain their respectability.  Profile Defenders answered the call and emerged to restore and protect the reputation of companies that have been the target of negativity, ultimately saving them from a Public Relations nightmare. Before Profile Defenders was established companies sat in awe watching their brands being destroyed with no hope in sight as they did not know how to handle negative online public relations.

The Reasons for Negative Press

Profile Defenders recognizes that there are a multitude of reasons, many not founded in logic, why a company receives negative press.  They also understand the imprint that is left by this negativity.  Once a negative comment is left regarding a company, without the exceptional online reputation management services provided by Profile Defenders, it is left for anyone to see at any time.  Any company, ranging from the smallest shop to the largest corporation will feel the impact of this negativity.

One’s natural inclination is to believe that negative press is founded in truth, but it is usually driven by competition and emotions.  In fact, Profile Defenders will only work with companies that are ethically sound and rooted in integrity, further displaying the high standards of truth and quality they grant to their clientele.

Of the many reasons a company may receive negative press, frustrated ex-employees are at the top of the list.   Who better to slander the good name of a reputable company than a bitter ex-worker with company secrets at their disposal?  Also, rival companies are notorious for releasing negative press about their competitors.  Instead of optimizing their own practices, they feel that portraying the competition as unsatisfactory will elevate their own status. While this may be true it is no way to conduct business and in the end the reputable company should prevail but in the meantime companies need somebody like Profile Defenders to help with their negative search results.

One of the most common causes of negativity on the internet is through comments.  After all, anyone can leave a comment and still protect their identity.  Unreasonable customers who do not maintain logical expectations for their service providers commonly go out of their way to unfairly slander a reputable company.

We have spent a long time developing algorithms and tools meant to help companies restore their reputations after they have been defaced.  In addition, after their integrity has been restored, Profile Defenders will employ additional methods meant to ensure that corporations will retain their positive image.

The Effects of Negative Press

It’s easy to imagine what negative press can do to a company, be it a local shop, home office or a large corporation.  The average customer goes to Google, Bing or various other search engines and specifically types in the particular service they are looking for.  Perhaps they are led to a few companies that handle the service in question and begin further searches related to their quality.  If four out of the first five results show negative comments or are blogs lambasting the company, it’s fair to say that the customer will look elsewhere.  The residual effects to a company’s profitability can be disastrous.

Consider the effects negative press can have on a small company, like a doctor’s office.  A doctor spends many years in school and training before they are granted the opportunity to establish themselves.  Finally, they are rewarded with a private practice, but at that point their mission is only half complete.  A physician is only as successful as the size and happiness of his or her client base.  They may work perilously, providing exceptional care, but run into one case where by no fault of their own they were simply not able to satisfy a patient.  The patient in turn goes on the internet, and posts an unjust blog about how poor the doctor’s services were and a Public Relations disaster ensues. The same holds true for Lawyers, car dealers, fortune 500 companies, realtors, and just about anybody else who is in the service business.

It’s not that much of a stretch to say that those 15, 20 or more years of building a reputable and successful business can be washed down the drain by just a small amount of negative press.   Negative press may cost the doctor hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long run, and potentially even ruin their business.  Up until recently, there was little that could be done about this, but Profile Defenders arose to counter negativity and restore the good name of their clients.

It is statistically proven that the average consumer is more influenced by negative reviews than positive ones.  Profile Defenders provides services that wash poor press away by making sure that the top several pages of a search engine – people rarely go beyond the first page in a search – only display legitimate and truthful examples of the excellent service and quality a company provides.

Services Provided by Profile Defenders to Protect a Company’s Reputation

Online negative press can easily lead to a PR disaster.  It’s been established that only a small amount of negativity, however rooted in falsehood, can fully negate an abundance of beneficial press.  Recognizing this, we have developed a robust system based on years of research and algorithms to help companies regain their reputations. Most PR companies today have no idea how to handle online and internet based issues but rather have the know how for outreach for clients but damage control on the internet is out of their control and that is why some of the biggest PR firms in the USA have hired us to defend their clients as they were not able to manage it.

We are well aware that sometimes companies want to stop negative press before it happens and have plans designed to deal with these situations.  The first line of defense against negativity is to have Profile Defenders set up our steel wall of protection for our clients. This entails everything from custom designed websites,  blogs, and articles highlighting the nature of the company.  In addition, we create as many custom biographies for a corporation and provide national press releases with an SEO spin to ensure that it ranks high in the search engine results combined with our back end work.

These simple yet effective steps bring legitimacy to an establishment; the more a company puts into their image, the more it is recognized as a leader providing quality services.  We also help to filter out negative comments or reviews, ultimately allowing companies anticipating bad press to avoid a PR debacle.

Anticipation is a great first step, but what if a company has already experienced the pangs of an Online Public Relations disaster and wants to prevent any further nightmares?  ProfileDefenders provides a variety of plans, tailored towards different needs to handle these precarious situations.  We will provide companies with short profiles produced by a professional writing staff that will be mass distributed on the internet.  Additionally, we build websites for one’s company, as a means to promote visibility and wash away negative comments in search engine results so that the negative articles are suppressed off of the front page stamped with a guarantee that the job gets done or your money back.

Clients will never be left in the dark if they sign up for one of our damage control packages.  As a customer you will receive monthly reports dictating the progress that was made and displaying trends of a corporation’s profile.  In addition, clients gain access to a personal advisor there to answer any concerns a customer might have.

Profile Defenders: Promoting Legitimacy

Profile Defenders is the most reputable service with a vaulted reputation.  In order to preserve this, we like to set high precedents for the standards of our work.  For instance, we will only offer our services to companies who are ethical and have fallen victim to unfair circumstances.  Believing in legitimacy and integrity, we will not service companies who are just looking to bury bad press that they brought upon themselves.

Not only do we provide excellent and thorough services to our clients; we make several points about how companies should conduct themselves in order to avoid PR nightmares caused by their own inefficiencies.  The staff here encourages companies to always provide the best available service to their customers and to admit fault and try to rectify the situation as quickly and cleanly as possible when a mistake is made.  Part of avoiding bad press and maintaining a stellar reputation is making sure to do more than the minimum but not too worry if a slip up happens we can cover it up and protect you right away.

In addition to great service, a company will be hard pressed to gain any recognition without superior products.  Part of this is keeping up with current trends and markets and the other is ensuring customers that a great deal of quality control is put into the final product.

It’s just as easy to leave a positive comment about a company as a negative one, yet so few companies encourage their customers to post on their forums and websites.  Companies that go the extra mile encourage clients to make favorable comments online about their brand, sometimes by doing something as simple as providing them with a gift.  It takes more for one to write a positive review than a negative one, but a little extra customer appreciation can rectify that.

Profile Defenders will be there when your company needs protection against unjust slandering from competitors or from unreasonable customers.  The suite of services is tailor-made and proven to restore the reputation of their clients and we have a 100% success rate thus far.  We encourage clients and aid companies from bringing negative press upon themselves and do anything in their power to work with corporations in order to solidify their future success.

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