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How You Can Protect Your Online Reputation

Research has demonstrated that 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. This makes reviews a more effective marketing tactic than anything under the control of a brand. It should demonstrate to you that your online reputation is everything. If you lose that reputation, you lose your business. The online...

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Political Domain Reputation Management

A good reputation always demands continued hard work to establish, but can be significantly damaged by a careless mistake. The dawn of the Internet has rendered transgressions, true or false, to spread almost instantaneously and never vanish soon. Reputation management, for individuals and even companies, is one of the core...

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Online Reputation Management Plan for 2016

Start the year off right and have a plan to manage your brands image. Too many companies do not strategize on the best way to promote and protect their brand for the year and thus millions of dollars is lost due to negative remarks online. With the Profile Defenders 2016...

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