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Personal Data Removal Services

There are aggregator websites that will compile and publicly post your name, home address, and other personal information that you would rather keep private. There are over 100 different websites that compile this data and each one of them has a unique way of accepting removal requests. Below is a...

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When a Viral Video Goes Wrong

Today we will examine a noteworthy case where a video was uploaded to Youtube on purposes that forever changed the life of one Chief Financial Officer in Arizona. Adam Smith (not the famous economist from the 18th century) decided to go through a Chick-fil-A drive through and spread his opinion on...

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Howe We Help To Remove Unwanted Blogs

You Googled your name and you saw your linkedin profile, a Facebook profile, and the White Pages listing for yourself. Then you looked and somebody purchased your own domain name and put some unflattering results on there. While it was Google that led you to find this unwanted search result...

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