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Online Reputation Management: Then and Now

Online reputation management has existed since the Internet began. Ever since people could voice their opinions in a public setting, companies have been focused on making and preserving their online reputations. This has also existed in an offline capacity. The industry has changed and it’s always useful to look back...

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Tired of getting picked on when you search your name. The website is known to write disparaging remarks about clients that they would prefer keep personal and confidential. We do receive requests from time to time to have remarks removed from the Legal Schnauzer Blog. Roger Shuler is the...

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How SEO Can Be Used to Maintain Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is everything. When 75% of consumers have active social media profiles, the word can get around fast if you mess something up. People are prone to talking, and that has led to the rise of the online reputation industry. Repairing and preserving your online reputation can be...

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