Complaint Site Removal – We Delete Mera Reviews

You Googled your brand and yet again there is another one of these horrible copy cat complaint websites that has sprouted up and is defaming your brand. Well now is the time to get this junk cleaned up because negative reviews will 100% harm your business in one way or another. There is a study done by Harvard less than a year ago that says 56.9% of people do not discourage supporting a business if they see a bad review.

So that means you still have 43.1% of users that will be discouraged or turned off about doing business with you after seeing negative reviews or complaints from a site like According to their homepage they have almost 185,000 complaints posted on with 184,655 currently live.  The website also warns as scams affect every part of our lives and while scammers will try to trick you out of your personal information through phishing they are ultimately after money.
While phishers, hackers, and black hat scammers we will not help there are a lot of legitimate businesses and individuals who are posted on Mera Review that we can delete your false or negative complaints. We have a lengthy portfolio of scam sites that we work with to delete negative complaints from from Complaints boards to Ripoff Reports we know the process and contacts needed to get those pesky and annoying fake reviews deleted for good.

Companies Posted on Mera Review With Scams Alleged

Featured on the homepage currenty there is Immanuel Belcher of EAE management group, Kyle Ross Marble, Lipcoins, Vincent Malavolta & West Coast Performance, Al Masah Capital Limited who allege that it’s a ponzi scheme, keyspire.,, Hairdraton, Dr. Barry M Zide, Garo Kapikian, Chris Findeisen, Riders Share a motorcycle rental company. The website has different categories for scam reporting such as lawyers, finance, health care, medical/doctors, straight up scammers, and a general complain.


Mera Review Latest Complaints

At the bottom of each review such as the one that talks about a scam that was recently outed about a Dubai finance firm Al Masah Capital Limited that was a ponzi scheme, there is a drop down with different questions being answered as you can see below along with a disclaimer from the website stating that they are not editing any reviews and posting them as they are verbatim. scam Reporting that can be deleted if untrue

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