How To Use Off-Page SEO To Manage Your Online Reputation

There are many advanced methods you can use to improve your online reputation. Not a lot of people know that SEO techniques can come into it. If you don’t have your SEO campaign up and running, it could hurt your brand’s online reputation.

Approach an SEO expert and you may find that even they didn’t know that off-page SEO is a big factor in how your company is portrayed to the masses. SEO agencies may tell a lot of lies, but in this case, they are entirely correct. In this article, you’re going to learn how to use off-page SEO to boost your brand’s image.

Why Does Off-Page SEO Improve Your Online Reputation?

This is a type of SEO you may not have thought of targeting directly before. But the chances are you’ve been doing it unknowingly for months and years. Off-page SEO remains a crucial part of your brand. Without it, you’re not going to rank well.

Ranking well is the crux of online reputation management. Every company gets negative headlines, and most of the time they’re unwarranted. One disgruntled customer can cause a lot of problems in the long-term. If you can dominate the search engine indexes you will push down negative search results.

The goal is to make complaints and negative headlines completely invisible.

Use Social Media

Social media is the ultimate off-page SEO technique you have because it always ranks well. And 65% of people consider Google to be the most credible source of information on a company. Become popular on social media and Google will have no choice but to put you at the top of their results. There was a time where this wasn’t the case. For example, Google once had a dispute with Twitter, and so Twitter results never appeared in Google’s results.

Make a search these days and you’re always going to find links from social media sites on the first page.

Set up your social media profiles and aim to build up a presence. You have to be able to build up that presence so you can fill page one with results you control.

Consider Guest Blogging

Did you notice that ‘blogging’ itself wasn’t mentioned?

You need to move away from your platform sooner or later. Unless you happen to have a huge amount of organic traffic right now, you need to look for help. Manufacturing your online reputation requires you to call in help from sites more popular and more prominent than you with guest blogging.

Guest blogging can associate a great brand with your name to make your company stand out. If it’s a big website your company is going to have another major search result on page one. It’s promotion through association.

And since word of mouth marketing means people are likely to trust recommendations over brands, this is a powerful position to be in. If your favorite blog says that a company is good, do you think you would listen to one random disgruntled customer? Unlikely.

Join the World of Video Marketing

Videos can be found in standard search results. They’re not confined to the video section like they once were. That means you can dominate the top of the search engine results with fewer results. Video results always take up more real estate than standard search results.

Furthermore, there are other benefits your brand can benefit from later, including more engagement, more traffic, and more mobile customers.

Getting involved with video marketing is easy. It can be as simple as creating a slideshow with a narration over the top. Either way, it allows you to promote your brand on social media and take advantage of YouTube, which is the second biggest search platform in the world.

And Google owns YouTube, so if you can rank here you can rank anywhere.

Last Word – It Takes Time

Off-page SEO is far from something you can address overnight. It takes time, to build your brand into something Google is going to notice. This is why so many experts recommend beginning your online reputation repair program as soon as possible.

Get started today, and feel free to bring in an expert, if you think it necessary. They will be able to help you grasp what you need to do.

These off-page SEO tips should show you how to rank higher and how to force down negative search results. These tactics all have multiple benefits extending far beyond online reputation. Improve your off-page SEO today and you’ll soon reap the benefits of a cleaner and more attractive brand.

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