5 Lies SEO Agencies Tell

An SEO agency can be a valuable ally to have. When you deal with someone who only conducts their campaigns using white hat SEO you can generate traffic and increase your customer numbers. But, as always, there are always some who want to take shortcuts to success, and they are more than happy to lie in order to do it.

You are going to learn about the five main lies SEO agencies always tell their clients.

  1. “We Can Guarantee X”

There are no guarantees in this field. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO master because you still can’t guarantee that you are going to succeed. Everyone in the industry knows that one of the biggest SEO best practices is that you don’t guarantee anything.

Some rogue agencies will even go as far as to guarantee something and then provide an exact timescale on when that will be achieved. This is simply impossible to do.

  1. “We Can Get You to the Number One Spot”

This falls into the same vein as providing guarantees. This is an even bigger lie because no website can guarantee that they are going to hit the number one spot on Google.

Furthermore, this is not something that you should necessarily aim for. Number one only gives you 30% of the traffic, and number one is still below the paid ads that appear right at the very top of the page.

  1. “We Will Send Your Site to the Search Engines”

If any SEO agency suggests that they are going to get your site indexed fast, run the other way. It shows that they don’t know what’s relevant to the world of SEO these days. You used to have to send your site to Google in order to have it indexed, but that’s no longer the case.

Google’s bots are so advanced that they detect new websites within a matter of minute. If you’ve already sent your website live, Google already has it and they’re already ranking it.

This lie isn’t as harmful as you think. It’s just evidence that the agency in question has no idea what they’re talking about.

  1. “We Can Get You Hundreds of Backlinks”

It’s true that backlinks are important, but if an SEO agency promises to get you hundreds of them they’re probably running a link farm. You need to think carefully about the link building campaigns run by these groups. A lot of them are more than happy to get you lots of backlinks from low-quality websites.

In the short-term, you will get results, but Google is going to discover the actions of the SEO firm sooner or later. And that’s when it will come back to bite you.

Remember, Google doesn’t care if you employed an SEO agency. They will hold you responsible.

  1. “We Know What Google Wants”

This lie tends to be accompanied with the idea that they have an insider at Google, or someone on their team used to work at Google. It’s one of those lies that’s hard to believe anyone else would believe, and yet it happens all the time.

Nobody knows what Google wants other than Google. And even if they did have someone working at Google the chances are they wouldn’t be much use because they are no longer party to what the company is doing. The world of SEO changes all the time. Just because you knew something once doesn’t mean you know something now.

Closing Thoughts

The SEO company that you choose to hire should be offering you a variety of services including off page SEO services. They should also have credible references that they don’t mind giving you. If you catch them in a lie or have a bad feeling about them, it is best to seek out services from another agency or invest the time to learn more about SEO yourself.





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