How Profile Defenders Helps To Stop Child Exploitation And Scams

Cloud computing is transforming how people communicate, work, and play. However, as an ever-increasing number of people gain access to the internet, both adults and children are exposed to positive and dark sides of the digital world. This potential for harm presents challenges for users, especially children.


Predators take advantage of connected technologies to exploit the vulnerable through a wide variety of scams. They create and distribute illicit content showcasing adult content & child sexual abuse. In some cases, Females lure elderly men online via Skype and get them to engage in illicit activity and then screenshot the actions and then proceed to blackmail clients by posting the videos to adult pornographic sites while requesting a ransom via Moneygram or Western Union.

In other cases perverts lure minors to engage in sexual activity via social media platforms.  These borderless crimes require collaborative efforts to identify, report, and remove illicit content, including videos and photos of child sexual abuse. Fortunately, online reputation management (ORM) firms like Profile Defenders are getting involved in a coordinated and comprehensive response.

Public-private partnerships have been shown to help address the complex challenges associated with online threats. Profile Defenders employs effective techniques, which play a critical role in removing exploitations online. The agency initiates takedowns in addition to reporting any instances of child sexual abuse or other online scams to authorities and if requested can help track down the attackers as recently reported in a Daily Beast piece where a sex trafficking ring was brought down thanks to detective work.

Over the years, our company has refined its strategies to achieve cleanups of different types of negative content. We can file removal requests, report cases, or lodge aggressive lawsuits using online defamation attorneys. Our reputation management agency can issue takedown notices to a wide variety of online platforms, including porn sites.

The law prohibits the distribution of images and videos showing naked minors or engaging in sexual activity. Yet, many scammers are distributing child abuse content by manipulating underage girls and boys. In some cases, perpetrators pose as ex-lovers, modeling agents, or friends under stolen identities to coerce minors.

Once the child transfers the images, scammers sell and publish the illicit content without the victims consent. The coercion often takes place on social platforms like WeChat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.  Some reports show that criminal elements may even threaten to share copies of the pornographic content to the victims relatives, schoolmates, or friends. These threats are made when the minor refuses to keep supplying perpetrators with nude pictures or videos.

Profile Defenders works tirelessly just like our name implies to clean up any appearance of damaging content, including revenge porn and instances of child nudity even if this upsets free speech advocates who are sick and demented as they believe this information should remain online. Our team of engineers has been removing negative content on behalf of clients for over a decade now and has no signs of slowing down.

Depending on the sites hosting the offending photos and videos, our ORM agency issues a takedown notice with the site’s administrator, thus removing exploitation online.Furthermore, Profile Defenders may approach web hosting service providers to instigate the removal of the content. Any content that breaches child pornography laws will be reported to law enforcement authorities to ensure the prosecution of the perpetrators.  Our company understands that the appearance of sexually explicit photos can be distressful to the victims and family. For this reason, it takes drastic measures designed to clean up the damage.

The firm also offers reputation monitoring services designed to detect the appearance of objectionable content. This service makes it easier to initiate takedown actions swiftly.

Beware of Adult Online scams

Many underage females have fallen victims to elaborate scams in different parts of the world, including Malaysia. Some of the cases involved extortion in which young victims were targeted via popular social media platforms.  Recently, a popular Malaysian DJ and Playboy model Leng Yein played an instrumental role in bringing the culprits to justice. Her heroic efforts attracted countless messages from youths who fell victim to a highly organized online porn ring.  Yein enlisted the help of an online reputation management firm (similar to Profile Defenders whom we work closely with) to remove more than 130,000 sexually explicit photos and videos. The takedown requests were sent to a hosting site. Some of the content taken down with the help of the ORM firm included videos showing homophobia induced violence.

The firm assisted Yein by removing exploitation’s online given the nature and scale of crimes committed against minors. Some of the illicit images sold via Facebook included collections of girls as young as eight and 11 years old.

Several international conventions protect the rights of minors by outlawing the production and distribution of child pornography. These conventions stipulate the obligation of national authorities regarding the protection of children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

The appearance of sexually explicit content involving underage children is upsetting and stressful. This also applies to instances of revenge porn, which have become a scourge worldwide. Profile Defenders takes these matters seriously and helps ensure the prosecution of perpetrators.

Takedown procedures to Remove your Adult Content From the Internet

Over the years, Profile Defenders has been successful in getting offending materials removed from adult content websites, social media platforms, and other online resources. ORM specialists at the agency have extensive knowledge of the takedown procedures.

Most social media sites work tirelessly to eliminate objectionable content, including child pornography. However, many scammers employ subversive methods to conceal their activities. On the other hand, some porn sites rely on offshore web hosting platforms to avoid facing prosecution or complying with takedown notices.

Fortunately, Profile Defenders employs effective strategies aimed at ensuring the removal of child pornography and adult content from the internet and dark net. The firm understands that the images and videos can be extremely damaging to the victim and have no place in this world online or offline and we do our part in helping to stop this sick industry. Hence, we’re ruthless in our fight to protect our clients and individuals who need file removal notices and we can assist with reports of criminal activities.

Facebook makes it easier to remove content that violates policies or child protection rights. Once a removal request is lodged, the platform will verify the complaint and take down the offending content. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram also provide ways to remove abusive material, including videos and images of nude minors. ORM specialists at Profile Defenders provide expert guidance on these matters.

Profile Defenders background

Profile Defenders helps individuals and companies deal with the problems associated with negative content posted online. The firm provides an extra layer of protection through reputation monitoring services. Its assistance makes it easier to protect your image.

For more than 10 years, the agency has been assisting clients to deal with defamation, revenge porn, online scams, child pornography, fake reviews, and other issues that compromise somebody’s reputation. Our online reputation management team can suppress negative content in search results using a wide variety of strategies, including SEO and Direct Removal tactics. In some cases, we employ emergency strategies aimed at cleaning up negative results when it’s an emergency. The approach minimizes reputational damage and helps clients regain control of their online reputation. It comes as no surprise that Profile Defenders is one of the most prominent ORM agencies in North America. Our firm helps victims of child pornography permanently remove objectionable content, thus find justice and peace of mind.

If you’ve been a victim and need help. Reach out to us and we will do our best to fight for your online justice and clean name.

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