Gadook Affordable Reputation Management Service Offerings

If your personal brand or business is at the receiving end of immense negativity online in the form of negative comments, articles or reviews, you need to hire a reputation management service firm. The company would make sure undesirable content isn’t the first thing users come across when they type your business’ name in an online search engine. Gadook is a low cost and affordable reputation management service provider that attempts to help businesses recover from past PR and online issues. In this reputation services review article, we’ll take a brief look at the company’ services and how it fares overall.

Services Offered by Gadook

Gadook offers a range of reputation management services online. The specific ones being:

• Reputation analysis: Gadook determines the current image of your business. And then all possible things are considered to create a campaign that would repair your damaged online reputation and foster a positive image.

• Review management: The company controls 35 online review websites where you may direct your patrons to post reviews. Gadook would keep a close watch on the reviews being posted and alert you about the negative reviews so that you may address the complaints and grievances immediately. The positive reviews, on the other hand, would get promoted.

• Brand protection: After your reputation online has been repaired, Gadook employs several measures to make sure your newly created positive rep stays.

• Rebranding: If the positive content creation isn’t helping much, Gadook could come up with a completely new rebranding campaign.

• Social media: The company would help you create and boost your social media to build customer relationships.

How It Works?

Gadook carries out a thorough analysis of the existing state of your image online and tries to find out the severity of the bad press. And since the reputation management is done online, the set of keywords that should be repaired and observed is looked into. Once done, the firm starts creating positive content with relevant keywords so that the negative content could be pushed off from the search engine results’ first few pages. The company also resorts to managing online reviews and your social media to optimize the SEO of your website.

Besides repairing an impaired reputation, Gadook also makes sure the image of its clients stays strong even after the repair work is done. It, therefore, spends time and effort monitoring the web space for mentions of your brand or you. This lets the company quickly respond to anything negative popping up online.

Pricing and Contract

Unlike some other reputation management service providers, Gadook has no set pricing or service plans for the work they do. The firm works with its clients individually to come up with a customized program that caters to specific client needs.

The plans are devised after consultation with the client about the client’s current reputation online and what they would like to do about it. Some clients may look to repair their damaged reputation, while others may simply need monitoring of their brand’s image online to make sure it remains positive.

Once Gadook is clear about the requirements, it then carries out analysis of the client’s reputation on its own, to evaluate the existing state and the kind of work that’s required to meet the client’s end goals.

It then creates a formal proposal laying out the stratagems it believes are required. Based on the time and work needed, a monthly price is arrived at. Since pricing is customized, it’s recommended you get talking with Gadook if you’d like to know what your costs would be.

As far as contracts go, Gadook needs you to stay with them for at least three months at first. Later, you may work with them on a monthly basis. This provides you and Gadook some time for repairing your reputation online. If you do not see any progress within the initial three months, you may walk away without incurring any fees or penalty charges. Comparatively, most other companies require you to stay with them for at least six to 12 months initially but again it depends on the situation and what your needs are.

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