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There are way too many of these complaint sites online. The good news is that our services can help you delete and remove these pesky complaint websites and the promise of a full deletion to a 404 page versus those who have to create new content makes our Profile Defenders services a must have for anybody who has something that they want to remove from a website like

Canada-complaints is a network of gripe sites that focuses on…you guessed it Canadian companies and individuals who have something negative about them. Most Canadian sites use a .CA but instead of this site being it is most likely because the owner does not live in any of the Canadian Provinces.

Some of the latest reports have listed George Triquet, Hasco Development, RemovalProroids, Hazel Peppergood, Jason Weagle, Stephania Yescas, Purolator COurier, Norman Edwad Dyer, and Visions Electronic. Some of these are labeled as internet scams, fraudsters, insurance, and financial fraud allegations. The site covers ripoff reports from Toronto, Calgary, British Columbia, and all the other regions in Canada.

If you’d like our help to completely remove and delete unwanted information on this website then please reach out today.

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