Widewail Review–An Online Reputation Management Service for Car Dealers

As we offer traditional reputation management services to help fix negative reviews and delete unwanted search results. There are other traditional software companies that help to manage and track the reviews such as Widewail.com out of Vermont in New England.

With the ever-evolving customer needs and the increasing demand by clients to only engage reputable organizations, online businesses have a lot more to do to improve their reputation and image in order to increase traffic and subsequently convert into sales. The worst thing any business wants to grapple with is a bad image about its services—it has the potential to wreak havoc in your business by eroding sales and lowering its credibility. Fortunately, Widewail, an online reputation management and social media engagement is here to provide solutions to businesses in the automotive industry. With tens of years of combined experience helping companies improve their customer engagement experience, Widewail has what it takes to push your name to the front pages of major search engines. Read through this Widewail review to see just how your reputation can be improved.

But Widewail is not doing this alone—it has since partnered with Lexus that each engagement you have with a customer yields positive experience. With their new product, Widewail Engage Solution, you are able to access online customer review monitoring and response management free of charge. Widewail continues to leverage the prowess of Lexus and its many years of experience in the U.S market helping companies with signature solutions. By having Widewail on your side, you have an easy time monitoring and responding to reviews in real-time while at the same time leveraging the positive reviews for search. This way, you effortlessly keep your customers engaged on your site, build and sustain loyalty, and improve your dealership visibility.

Amy Nail, a marketing director at Jim Koons Automotive says “Widewail responses to customer reviews are not only thoughtful but also timely and engaging. They are quick to take on the issues that arise and are capable of handling them offline.” Clearly, having Widewail partnering with you means you can focus on your core business while you let them handle customer concerns. As a business, you are at peace knowing full well that all your online reputation is being handled professionally.
As a company that leverages automation and many years of experience in monitoring and responding to customer reviews, Widewail has massive potential to personalize your online reputation that meets your specific needs. When a customer posts a negative review, Widewail systems will notify you by way of email or text together with a possible human-authored response that can be customized or published in response.

Widewail understands that online customer engagement via reviews and social media has a huge impact on a company’s ranking on search engines. It has the ability to determine whether or not a customer will buy a product, recommend a friend or create a lasting contact with the business, notes Matt Murray, the founder, and CEO of Widewail.

Some of the added advantages of working with Widewail include:
• Ability to continuously monitor stores’ reviews sites on major search engines such as Google and other electronic media platforms like Yelp, CarGurus, DealerRater, Edmunds and Cars.com.
• Ability to access all monitored sites for real-time reporting
• Providing side-by-side comparison among various profit-generating areas

Many customers sampled online said Widewail is a reputed vendor ready to provide solutions to real operational issues in a manner that has immense impact on the performance of a business. As the voice of the store, Widewail promises to engage with the customers on your behalf and notify your staff for any potential sales opportunities. They will support your community on all social media platforms, including Facebook allowing you greater connection with your existing and potential customers. Widewail will be your ear on the ground and relaying the responses arising thereof.

Do not allow negative comments on your website tear down the progress your business has made over the years. Widewail will take up the issue and escalate the issues to the appropriate contacts with possible responses for editing, ratings. Let Widewail help you manage your online customer interactions monitoring some of the most powerful sites. Widewail responses are SEO rich with the ability to boost traffic volumes and the performance of your business in comparison to your peers in the industry.

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