Why Reputation Management Services are Needed

Why Reputation Management Services are Needed

By: Emily Green

In today’s business world, a strong Internet presence has become more than expected; it is an obligation without which your company can never succeed. And as technology has continued to advance online, the expectations of how your company appears online have also. A website five years ago would have been quite adequate, but today, if you aren’t maintaining a presence on Facebook, staying current on your company blog and informing all those following you on Twitter you are losing your high level web prominence to a competitor who is. With this increased need for web presence, a host of new responsibilities have been introduced; responsibilities which if not met could result in loss of your company’s brand power. And should these be poorly handled, the results could be even worse. In short, it is becoming increasingly necessary to turn to professional online reputation management services like the ones offered at Profile Defenders.

These new services can be invaluable for several reasons:

Protecting Online Brand Name

Almost 80 percent of all potential customers conduct online research of a business before they actually engage themselves with their products or services. That means any negatives comments regarding your business that exist online could sink sales before they ever have a chance to happen. Your negatives could be your competition’s gain. With online forums, discussion boards and social media sites dominating searches, you need to protect your good name from the negative comments anyone for no good reason is free to make. Online reputation management services ensure that only positive feedback regarding your business gets displayed and work to encourage predominately positive comments from online posters.

Increasing Your Visibility

In addition to protecting your business’s online reputation you also want it to be seen on all the mobile devices and laptops busily seeking your services through search engines. If you aren’t at least on the first page that comes up, you may never be seen, and even then you have to be in the top 5 results if you expect the search to provide you with any practical benefit at all. Reputation Management Services can keep you fresh on the search engines by providing continuous online content. By frequently adding keywords and SEO techniques online, reputation management services keep your position on these searches always near the top. Add to that their ability to effectively manage social media campaigns for your company that will continually add to your online audience, and potential customer base.

Boosting Consumer Trust

Having professionals handle your online presence also means that you will control how your target audience perceives your business. By controlling the information that makes its way into search engines and social media outlets you can create a trustworthy reputation for those seeking companies they want to conduct business with. This has proven to be particularly true in the venue of social networking.

If a customer sees conflicting images of your company as they move from site to site your credibility is lost, as is gaining their potential business. Customers must feel secure when purchasing a product and trust is how you provide that security. Reputation management services excel at providing you with web consistency, which results in the trust you want your company to convey.


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