Why Reputation Cleanup is So expensive

Often times we get people that come to us and ask if their reputation clean up can be done for a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately there is just about 0 honest and ethical companies in the world that will be able to do the job for a few hundred dollars and here is why:

In typical internet marketing fashion you are looking to get one keyword and your website onto the front page of Google. When you are looking to take just 1 keyword whether it’s your name Jon Doe or Janes Bakery if the negative review or post is at the number one spot that means that we have to create not just one powerful website but 10 very powerful websites to all rank onto the first page of search engine results. Than we have to ensure that we protect your good name beyond the first page and than work to bury it beyond the first couple of pages of search engine results.

Than if you want to correct more than one term than you have to look into creating an additional ten web pages and use our secret sauce to push those 10 web pages to the front.

So in a very basic nutshell that is why online reputation management services are so costly. If you run into a company that says they can do it for less they are simply scamming you and are going to ask for more money down the road something profile defenders will never ever do.

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