Where Does Negative Feedback and Publicity Come From?

Where Do Negative Feedback and Publicity Come From?

The question that most company owners always do ask about negative feedback and publicity is the following:

Where the heck did all of this come from? The answer to this question might stem out from one of the following sources:

1. Unsatisfied customer

The number one person who may have interest of spreading negative feedback or publicity about your company is an unsatisfied customer. The root of this is simple, the customer was not satisfied of the product or service from your company, and his concern was not attended to. Therefore, what he does is take revenge against the company, hiding from a legitimate reason of warning people about what to expect from this particular company, etc.

What the individual with the vendetta often does is they join a forum and start spreading his/her experience and viola! The thread becomes viral. If the predator is not content with the forum posts, he/she will then post an article and submit it to different article directories, blogs, ripoff reports, consumer complaints, city search, yelp, and so forth.

This is something that every company should be weary about and do something about it.

2. Competitor

This is the second person that you should keep an eye for as to who the culprit is. Of course, if there is one person who wants you to meet your doom it is but your competitor. Yes, whether it will be healthy or unhealthy competition this has no bearing.

Most often these competitors are newbies who want to earn more money from the launch of their website up to its peak. Some will resort to spreading gossip to bring their business way on the top.

3. Skeptic


This is one person who is not your customer or your competitor. Let’s just say this is a person who always thinks about the negative side, wants to check if there are any loopholes or who is doubtful about what your business is offering to the public. What he usually does is to post something in the tune of “have you dealt with this company, I wonder if the service or product is good.”

This person has not tried or tested your product or service yet he started to spread a cunning post of some sort questioning the overall standing of your business which is obviously made in order to simply create a fuss.

Now, you know who might be the culprit of spreading those negative feedback and publicity; it is now time to do something and stop it from going viral. All you have to do is contact an Profile Defenders or ask help from someone who knows how to eliminate all those negative publicity on the net. It might cost you money but at the end it is all worth it.


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