reviews – How To remove and Fix Them for Doctors and Dentists

Plagued by reviews on and other related peer review websites that do not accurately reflect your businesses practice? This is a very common case for Doctors, Dentists, and Surgeons throughout North America. Until was created unfortunately there was no solution for reputable Doctors and Physicians prior to our customized solutions.

There are lots of excellent medical professionals in the USA and Canada who receive fake reviews from competitors in their areas, from clients who do not understand their practice, and every once in a while a mishap does occur and you don’t have to be sabotaged by these things for the rest of your career due to what shows up prominently in search results thanks to

We have a few customized solutions that are designed depending on your needs as a doctor and how severe your ratings are on and other medical rating websites like We want you to succeed in your practice because your success online is tied to how well we create a positive presence for you on the internet.  Every doctor has a unique case but almost every physician who wants to improve their 1 and 2 star ratings are realizing that they are missing out on new patients each and every week. Fortunately for any doctor who has been fortunate to deal with us they know that at the end of their campaign business is back on track and better then ever because not only do we improve your ratings with our proprietary techniques we have a system designed to limit any future reviews that are not favorable, and we also create enough positive press for you to help drive new patients to the doctors office.

Some of our clients want to improve their overall review with real time reviews left by their patients. We do have solutions to meet those needs that involve iPads at the doctors offices sending reviews directly to us for posting on the patients behalf to ensure that the positive reviews are spread and your practice enjoys the benefits of a positive reputation thanks to our efforts. There is also a survey method that we can implement for you but you must call to learn more about how are solutions work and benefit yourself.

Contact us today to learn more and say code “” when you call in at 202-709-6571.

Updated May 15th 2013

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