TrollBusters – Online Pest Control for Women Writers

Tired of Cyber Harassment? Well now there is a solution in the reputation management field that can help. Outside of Profile Defenders online reputation management and defamation removal services there is a a new service for females called

This was created during a hackathon for female news entrepreneurs in New York City over a year ago. The international Womens’s Media Foundation discussed the growing problem of Doxxing and cyber Bullying done to females online and out came this solution.

TrollBusters – Online Pest Control for Women Writers

The most common form of harassment online is “Hate Speech’ where 27% of females incur this. It ranges from sexist comments to racist and homophobic verbage. Doxxing which is the release of private or personal information like nude photos or being put on a website like is responsible for 22% of the harassment. On Twitter 12% is theats of violence against women, revenge porn is 3% where non-consenual photography is posted online which is very similar to “Doxxing”, and 4% is impersonation, and 9% is posting of false information where quotes are attributed to somebody who did not say them.

The solution is to send optimistic and affirmative messages for the target to the point of attack. Being able to protect individuals while providing emotional support during a cyber crisis.

The website offers emotional support and reputation management to women writers dealing with harassment via Twitter. If you need to remove negative information then please contact today.

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