That Time Wikipedia Editor Tedder Offered us Paid Wikipedia Editing Services

Wikipedia Editor who goes by the username Tedder reached out to us asking if we we’re interested in his Paid Wikipedia editing services. What followed is a lesson in why you need to be very careful working with these Wikipedia editors who take payments in exchange for money. Tedder as his name we’ve come to find out is as crooked and corrupt as they get. Asking for funds before any work was done to make edits and additions for us. When we had a disagreement over the amount of money that was due he waited for the perfect opportunity and then desecrated and defamed us with an attack page that was purely political and personal versus standing by the ethics and journalistic standards that the encyclopedia should stand by.

If you’re looking to make changes on Wikipedia and you receive outreach from a 3rd party like we did from somebody like Tedder be aware that you may have to endure an attack if and when they don’t like something and that can result in you feeling like you’ve been extorted when they start to post attacks about you on Wikipedia in exchange for money to edit or remove the content.

This is a big issue. We were added to Wikipedia only to be attacked and to go through this when Tedder was on a mission to destroy our reputation for a personal vendetta using a single purpose Wikipedia account.

If you’ve been defamed or attacked on Wikipedia we want to let you know we know how it feels.

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