Social Media Reputation Management – Protecting Yourself From Attacks

Social Media Reputation Management – Protecting Yourself From Attacks

With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s now important to consider social media reputation management as part of your overall PR plan.

Social networking sites are wonderful because they give everyone a voice.  You use them to link to friends, gain followers and brand your business.  For private individuals, they provide a creative way to stay in touch with friends and family.  For businesses, they’re essential for establishing your brand, staying in touch with your customers and giving them a chance to participate in your business.

But if you’ve ever used social networking sites before, you know that there’s a downside to everybody having a voice.  It’s easy for anyone to say anything – no matter how negative or unsubstantiated – on a social media site, and then everyone who knows you can read it. Social media sites are like a chalk board anybody can write what they want without consequence and this can seriously damage your online reputation and image.

An unexpected result of the spread of social media is that it offers new attacks on your privacy.  Your private company information or personal details can now be published for the world to see.  This is another reason why social media reputation management is essential.

Google Loves Social Networking

It’s even possible for people who aren’t members of the site or your friends to access information posted on these sites. If a crazy ex-girlfriend makes a post and it goes viral that could mean the whole world knows about something that you would probably have rather kept quiet.

Social media sites are the most popular in the world.  Facebook gets almost as much traffic as Google does!  What this means is that postings that are made on social media sites get ranked high in Google’s search engine results.  If someone says something bad about you or reveals private information, it will be available for any Web surfer who enters the right search terms to see.  Those search terms could be you or your company’s name!  There is only one solution to protect yourself and thats to work with Profile Defenders for their stellar online reputation management services.

What NOT To Do When Attacked On A Social Media Site

When you’re attacked on social media, fighting back is almost always a losing battle.  First of all, when you respond to a negative posting, it looks like what it is – you panicking.  You’re obviously trying to save your reputation and this looks bad in the eyes of others.

Not only that, by responding you’re adding more content, which further increases its visibility in the search engines.  When new content is added to a social media page, Google considers it fresh and “relevant.”  This is exactly the type of content Google looks for.  By responding, you’re actually shooting yourself in the foot.

How To Handle Social Media Reputation Management

The best solution to your social media reputation management needs is to hire a company like Profile Defenders.  These are services that specialize in online reputation management, and they know social media front and back (think about how you found us).  Profile Defenders has spent years protecting good people just like you from slanderous attacks that ruin reputations, get a free quote today by inputting your information to the right or by calling us at 202-709-6571


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