Deletion and Removal Services

New Complaint sites like pop up all the time. Their goal is to out scammers and frauds. If you have been incorrectly posted onto one of these sites then we can help you get your post or pages from Shack Feel completely deleted and removed so that the complaint goes to a 404 page. We do this by negotiating and working with either a vendor or the owner of the website and getting a price for deleting the page. From there we make a request to Google to have the page removed from search results.

Removal for Complaint Site Shack Feel

The website lsts thousands of updates on scams to be aware of. Some of the legitimate looking complaints include Liquid Capital Exchange which sends out fraudelent checks for more than the total amount due and asks for a partial refund, I-Tech Security which is a tech support scam, Interac which is an interac entransfer phishing scam in Canada, Integrity Forklift which charges employees to take a test to apply for $80, Lug USA, LLC a supermaket customer raffle drawing, immortellegloweserum, J Smith & Associates for legal document delivery, JR Fence Iron Works aka Ricardo A Collazo who runs a home improvement company. JCW Foregin Imports for a work from home scam, Jake Myers Associates Attorneys at Law, J2 Global NY for tax collection fraud, JMD Software Solutions, and SLH Real Estate to name a few of the online scams being reported just on the front page of their website today.

Other sites that we have removal contacts at are, ripoff report,, &

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