Service to Remove SEC Google Result

Do you google your old company and find that the SEC is showing up and ruining your chance to get back into the securities market due to a faux pas that your former boss a decade ago had even though you were completed exonerated?

Well Profile Defenders is the number one source for removing ones negative google results pertaining to the SEC and other governmental agencies.

These are some of the toughest listings on the internet to remove and we have dealt with 11 cases out of 11 so far to date that we succesfully were able to bury in the search results for very happy clients. Out of the 11 customers 3 of them tried to go with another firm to start and than had to come to us to solve the problem.

Why are SEC Results so hard to Remove?

Great question. Since it is a United States website run by the government it is given a LOT of authority by the search engines and only an exact science that we have mastered allows us to burry the result, something almost no other seo or online reputation management firms are able to do.

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