Service For Removing Unwanted Images On Google

Have photos of you that you want to see gone on Most of our clients deal with anything from mugshots, old wedding photos, and personal as well as private photographs that have made their way onto the internet and they have absolutely no idea how to get them off.

With our services we GUARANTEE 100% that we remove and get rid of your unwanted photographs that are haunting you on the internet. Our services work as follows:

The first step is seeing where the bad photo is coming from. Is it from an ex-boyfriend of girlfriend, courthouse, gossip magazine, or a newspaper article?

If it is possible to negotiate and have it taken down completely we will start negotiating on your behalf to get rid of the photo but in most cases we have found that this rarely works and in some occasions can backfire. We always make sure to proceed with extreme caution with our clients best interest in mind.

The next step that we take is we flood the internet with great photos of yourself or somebody else who shares the same name. By doing this we are able to ensure that nothing negative is showing up in the search results for your name.

Our pricing structured is dependent on the number of photos that you need to have removed, how high up they are appearing on the search page,the total amount of image results, and the time frame that you need it done.  We will gladly give you a quote over the phone and will clean up those negative images you want to get rid of on Google without any issues.

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