Search Engine Reputation

Why You Should Worry About Your Search Engine Reputation

If you’re not already concerned about your search engine reputation, you should start thinking about it immediately.  This is how everybody across the world finds the information they’re looking for.  Whether you’re a private individual or a business, there is information about you online that is available 24/7 to anyone who searches for the right keywords.

Get Control Over What The World Knows

The wealth of information available online is truly wonderful.  But it has one major downside.  Since anyone can post anything online, it’s harder than ever to maintain control over what is known about you.  Your personal information, your pictures or other details of your life you don’t want shared with the world might be found sitting on the front page of Google’s search engine.

Search engine reputation management is one way to get control again.  By monitoring the Internet on a regular basis, you can see what the world knows about you.  There are techniques that you can use to bury negative listings and make nasty comments disappear. Profile Defenders takes pride in making sure they protect your search engine reputation and we even have a monitoring service so anytime you or your company is mentioned on the internet we alert you.

The Internet Is The New Yellow Pages

Increasingly, people are looking for goods and services online.  Even if you run an offline business, you can be sure that people are looking for your service using the Web.  The Web is the world’s new Yellow Pages!  What happens when someone is searching for your service and instead they find a forum where someone’s talking badly about you?  Or even worse, a blog post that describes your service unfavorably?  Negative comments on the Web can really keep your business from attracting new customers.

The Search Engine Reputation Solution – Profile Defenders

With the Internet changing everyday, it’s tough to keep up.  That’s why it’s important to hire a search engine reputation management company to do it for you.  With some Internet savvy and an investment of your time, you can track down some negative listings and deal with them.  But only a professional who has years of expertise and advanced tools can keep your reputation spotless.

Profile Defenders is a recognized industry leader when it comes to search engine reputation management.  It is a company staffed with SEO professionals who really understand how searches work.  They know how to navigate the “Deep Web” to find hidden listings that could be causing you trouble, costing you business, or preventing you from getting a job.

Part of Profile Defenders’ unique strategy is employing positive PR as well as removing negative content.  They use techniques that show you or your company to the world in a favorable light.  These techniques include seeking positive testimonials from former clients or customers and using SEO strategies to make sure you stay on top of the search results along with some other proprietary methods that are only implemented by Profile Defenders.

Profile Defenders also offers ongoing monitoring since an attack could come at any time.  Their sophisticated tools keep them on alert 24/7 for negative content about you or your business so that they can react quickly.  They have proven strategies for dealing with negative listings quickly.

Your search engine reputation is extremely important.  You never know what someone may find when they search for your name in the search engines.  Employing a top-notch reputation management company like Profile Defenders is the only way to protect your good name online.


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