Deletion – Removal Service for Scam Pulse

Scam Pulse is one of the newest complaint websites that has sprung up. As you’ve seen with hundreds of other complaint sites in the past that we’ve been able to remove and delete for clients is no different. These sites tend to be owned by shady players overseas who optimize their complaint websites to appear for your brand name and then charge an outrageous fee for deletion.

While we think of these sites as being extortion sites the contacts that we work with do provide a solution for deleting and fully removing the content from all search engines and from the website as well. Currently featured on their homepage is a few websites that deal with cryptocurrency such as Legal Forex Trading who is sending people direct messages on Instagram touting these services but they are a scam. So now you’ve been warned about Legal Forex Trading but they also warn about a Coinbase imposter website,,, Zone Cryptominer, and Greg’s Family Fun. Some of the other latest reports include Miranda George Club, Virtue Map,, Xborderpay Ecommerce, Dave Sawyer and Publisher’s Clearing House.


About ScamPulse.​com at the footer of their website states that their website is an online platform to report frauds, scam & dishonest individuals that aims to expose unethical and outright illegal practices of companies and individuals and prevent them from increasing their amount of victims. Created by a team of seasoned professionals, ScamPulse.​com hopes to solidify itself as one of the leading websites in this area.

If you’ve been unfairly posted on Scam Pulse or another complaint website with false and untrue information then reach out to our removal team today to discuss erasing unfair and false content on the internet.

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