Richart Ruddie Expert Witness For Online Defamation Cases

Richart Ruddie here founder and pioneer in the Online Reputation Management space. I’m no stranger to encountering online defamation and with my help as an expert witness for your defamation case you’ll get the exact breakdown that you need for your court case. As I have worked with numerous lawyers over the last decade to help when their clients encounter a situation where they have dealt the bad hand of being destroyed online and attacked by cyber bullies with the intent to harm emotionally, financially, and reputationally.

Richart Ruddie’s Help For a Big Settlement

Richart Ruddie Expert Witness
Richart Ruddie Expert Witness for defamation online.

With my help you will get a fully detailed report and analysis of the online defamation and a write up on how we can help fix and repair these online issues. Each issue will have an analysis as to the time frame for fixing and the cost. I’ve helped as a witness to land million dollar settlements as a result of harm done online and will be glad to help you too.

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