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MyEdge Reputation Management – A Review Of This Service

My Edge Reputation Management is a comprehensive program for keeping your online reputation under control.  We all know these days how important it is to monitor your online reputation and deal with negative listings or attacks.  If you’re not doing this already, bear in mind that anything posted online is available 24/7 for anyone in the world to read.  If you think it’s going to go away by itself think again. offers the My Edge package.  Features include managing search engine results and social media.  They also help you create online profiles and get them listed on key websites.  This is a service that is supposed to help you project a better image of yourself online.  However, it’s a bit lacking and the reviews on the service and company are well….(not so good) read for yourself.

Things are constantly changing and this package doesn’t exactly measure up.  If you’re new to online reputation management, this might seem like a great package with lots of features; but, I’d like to take a second to introduce a package that’s much more comprehensive.  It’s the “Batman” Package offered by Profile Defenders

Profile Defenders offers a number of different plans all disguised as superheroes.  The Batman plan is one of the best they offer, with more features than the Wolverine or Spiderman plan.  It’s only beaten by the Hulk plan, which has a lot of the same features but enhanced like crazy to ensure even a New York Times article won’t appear on the front page if you don’t want it to.

The Batman Package offers no less than 85 250-500 word profiles which they distribute all over the Web for you.  These are written by their own in-house staff of writers.  Or, we can take profiles and positive articles you already have and rank those on the front page of results for you.  We also build up to 20 unique websites for you to use, which is a great deal in and of itself.

The main advantage of Profile Defenders Batman Package is its SEO power. We do an entire campaign of link building, search engine optimization, and image creation that no other package out there can match.  We can also “promote” or “demote” content that’s already out there, so that sites that talk about you favorably will come up in the search engines while the bad stuff gets buried so deep it brings up the proverb “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound?”.

Like the My Edge Reputation Management package, you get a personal profile advisor who takes on your case and handles everything.  But they also give you monthly reports so that you know exactly what they’re doing, and they also offer trend reporting, which changes your online profile when needed.

While both My Edge Reputation Management and Profile Defenders Batman Package can help you keep your name clean, I’d definitely recommend the Profile Defenders Batman Package strictly on the reviews that populate when you search for the myedge package.  Profile Defenders outperforms on its SEO and offers a lot more in their comprehensive package so get started with a free quote to clean up your online reputation today.


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