Reputation Management Spam & Black Hat Techniques – What to Watch Out For

Do you have a great blog, forum, or news website that has succumbed to a penalty and loss of traffic even though you have done no wrong? There are some tactics that Online Reputation Management firms tend to do that may put your site out in the sandbox.

ORM is what Profile Defenders specializes in by replacing anything that is unwanted, false, or negative about you. We work with White Hat methods for our clients to get rid of the material and web links online. In some cases we are able to 100% permanently remove the unwanted link.

Reputation Management Tactics that Work

We find that the tactics that work are finding the good reviews and positive sites and boosting those up in the search engine results while simultaneously creating new positive content about you. In the end our clients care about results and that’s what we deliver with the bad results ending up off the first page of search engine results

Whats Blackhat and Spammy about ORM?

According to Google and Matt Cutts their Chief Spam Engineer (CSE) links and content that is fake and not created to benefit the users of the search engines than in all likeliness it will be deemed as spammy. In a black hat and negative seo reputation management campaign you may have these links pointing to your site which will result in a lower ranking for you.

Unnatural Links Warning from Google Webmaster Tools

If links are created to manipulate their algorithmic results than you may get a notice if your website is involved. Whether or not you had anything to do with the bad neighborhood links pointing at your site is irrelevant. Some of your most popular web pages may fall in ranking and the ones with the bad links will almost certainly drop for the keyword and anchor text in which the links are pointing to your site with. If a competitor has done this to you than you can submit your site to and see where the problematic links lay.

If there are a high percentage of anchor text coming to a single page than that page is most likely the culprit that is being attacked. You can work with Profile Defenders to redirect these pages to pass the penalty to where the sun does not shine.

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