Reputation Manager

A Good Reputation Manager Is The Solution To Your Online Troubles

If people are online saying nasty things about you, you need a skilled reputation manager to make those listings disappear.  It could be a customer who wasn’t totally happy with your service or a disgruntled ex-employee dragging your name through the dirt.  It could even be your competitor disguised as an ordinary person!

Yes, the world of the Internet can actually get pretty nasty.  If you don’t have a reputation manager working to keep your good name clear, there could be attacks on your business that you don’t even know about.  Maybe you can’t find them, but your prospective customers will.

Just one or two negative comments about your company can wreak havoc in terms of lost revenue.  And these negative listings don’t go away by themselves – they hang around online where anyone in the world can see them, anytime 24/7.

What A Reputation Manager Can Do For You

What exactly does a reputation manager do?  They help to keep your name spotless by performing the following services:

  • Finding negative listings, even when they’re located on the “deep web.”  These are sites that you can’t find through simple Google searching, but they turn up elsewhere.  These companies know their way around the web and like a good cleaning service, they can get into all the little nooks and crannies.


  • Getting rid of negative comments before they get rid of your customers.  Your reputation manager has a number of techniques they can employ to make them disappear.  They can contact webmasters, SEO the site into oblivion, get you a ton of positive ratings through creative techniques, or use Google’s own tools to make it history.


  • As PR specialists, these companies can also help you take steps to generate good PR.  They can use the same techniques to put good comments about your company online where people will see them.  There’s nothing underhanded about it; it involves simple strategies that every firm uses to market its goods or services.


  • Continued monitoring to find out what’s being said about your company in the coming months and years.  Attacks can come at any time and you need to keep searching.  For a company, this is a task that eats away at time employees could be spent doing other things.  Your reputation manager takes this task off your hands.

Profile Defenders – A Reputation Manager You Can Trust

Profile Defenders is a recognized leader in the reputation management industry.  With years of experience keeping reputations spotless, they’ve got the skills you need to keep your good name safe.  Their clients include everyone from large businesses to private individuals who are concerned about their online reputation.  No matter who you are, you need a skilled reputation manager like Profile Defenders to fight off attacks and protect your name online. Contact us today to speak with your own personal reputation manager.


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