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For the last 8 years we have been solving issues for clients that range from big corporations that need to know how to manage their image in a crisis to individuals who wanted to delete fake complaints and suppress unwanted news articles. With thousands of satisfied clients we are often asked what the difference between Profile Defenders is and what sets the two industry giants apart. started off as Reputation Defender and focused on negotiating removals of images and deletion of content similar to how a defamation attorney would approach the situation. Soon there after their founder Michael Fertik found that it was a daunting task with respect to the amount of time it would take as well as to the amount of energy expended to often times not get the desired results. Soon there after a reputation mishap took place where “The Streisand Effect” and the requests to remove negative photos from the internet ending up making the photos go viral. After that the Reputation Defender model shifted from focusing on the removal of images to the cookie cutter solution of just making websites and interlinking them for a client or businesses name. While the overall success rate was in the 20% range according to a research study we conducted in 2012 where all of their clients were listed on the same websites (creating easily detected link patterns that are a big negative in Googles eyes) as well as a few different web hosting sources handling all of the exact match domain names for their clients.

After a few more years of this model Reputation Defender was spun out from where as the Silicon Valley division in Redwood City, California focuses solely on review management and SAAS platform (of which Profile Defenders has a competing platform to Reputation.coms) work and the Tempe, Arizona office focused on the suppression of unwanted Google, Yahoo, and Bing content. Shortly there after the brand was spun out and has fully divested from the Profile Defenders style services as we were chipping away at too large of a market share and were able to have a near 100% success rate for our clients using UN-traditional and non-cookie cutter solutions that have satisfied our clients reputation management needs.

Why Choosing Profile Defenders over is a Great Idea?

As industry innovators the staff at Profile Defenders has advanced SEO and Online Reputation Management skills that have greatly benefited their clients for almost a decade. From cleaning up negative Yelp Profiles, Finding Loopholes to fix unwanted news articles, and relationships with webmasters to in some cases completely delete and remove content on the internet that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

It’s important to have your side of the story told and told in a fashion that ends up on reputable news and media sites thanks to our help. We also have experience in helping to fix data privacy issues where you want to delete yourself from the internet and can assist with any reputation defender style job no matter how big or how small. The Profile Defenders debate has been asked over and over again and now that the Stagwell PR group has taken over the Reputation Defender Brand it can be put to rest that they just weren’t super successful and interested in repairing reputations and therefore decided to focus solely on Review Management is further proof as to why past clients of ReputationDefender have moved away and started to use more hand crafted services provided by the team here at

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Benefits of using Profile Defenders are that you don’t get with Reputation are:

  • One on one personalized services
  • You don’t get passed around to multiple salesmen that have little to no industry experience
  • Customized Solutions Fit to Service your needs
  • Will negotiate on your behalf for a removal if possible
  • Relationships with Numerous Websites for complete Deletions and Removals
  • High End content and News worthy content that is not deleted

There’s so much more but you get the point — Call 866-664-6178 Today for a Quote to Resolve Your online issues.

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