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Removing Links From Google – Profile Defenders

Google has become more than a simple search engine, it’s a reputation engine. Ask a prospective customer where they usually turn to first when they want more information about a brand and it is very likely they will say Google. Whether they want to read comments, search for reviews or explore a company’s online reputation, Google will generally be their go-to search engine. The last thing business owners need to see is a query returning defamatory remarks and negative reviews about their products on the first page of search results. Just imagine the impact that would have on your financial future.

Many companies rely on eCommerce sites for their primary source of revenue. Conduct a search for a product and you’ll likely find that presents itself on the first page of results. What does is gather reviews from major sites across the web like CNET and Amazon. They then use their technology to determine an aggregate score and rank products by their commonalities. Users will get a good idea of the quality of a product simply by glancing at the rank, but if they require a more comprehensive look, will allow them to read individual reviews. Their recommendations highly influence customers buying tendencies. It is therefore pertinent for products to rank highly on their lists if they hope to sell.

But what happens when your products have been slandered? Perhaps rival companies have resorted to dirty tactics and posted bad reviews on just to get a leg up on the competition. Maybe an annoyed customer didn’t fully understand what he or she was purchasing and as a result posted a comment that was an unjust assessment of your brand. These things happen, and considering that anyone can anonymously post a comment on the Internet, it seems like it will happen more and more.

If you need help removing the link from the front page of Google search queries regarding your product, you’ve come to the right place. Profile Defenders are experts at making negative search results disappear. There are no filters on the Internet and right now someone could be posting a negative review about your product that could potentially find its way on to We will counteract this negativity by using our refined software and established methodology to clean up your online reputation.

We only offer our services to ethical companies who have been victimized by poor reviews or other types of online slander. Our belief is that sometimes bad things happen to reputable companies, and that these companies deserve better. Instead of just removing the negative link and forgetting about you, we will continually monitor your progress and will always be one step ahead of negativity regarding your name.

By contacting Profile Defenders you will gain the upper hand. You’ve worked hard to establish your credible brand. Let the professions here at Profile Defenders help you maintain the reputation you deserve. Call today for a free quote or fill out the form with your name, contact information, and we will get started right away.


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